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   Chapter 128 Let's Go Register for Marriage Tomorrow

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4507

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Belinda silently put her phone down. She had an uneasy sense of foreboding. What was Duke going to do?

Duke sped through the busy downtown streets. His anger had been building all night. Aaron came through for him and got Belinda's number, though too slow for his tastes. And then Belinda hung up on him! Not only that, but she turned her phone off afterward.

Then Duke visited her villa this morning, and forced her into his car. He didn't expect her to try and hit him. He dodged most of the hits, but he was still pissed because of her rude attitude.

"Duke, you are such a pervert! What are you doing here so early?" Belinda stopped trying to inflict physical pain, and tried to shame him with her angry glare.

"Belinda Shangguan, why did you hang up on me yesterday?" She tried to make herself as small as possible. She put up a brave front, but she was really afraid of his rage.

"Umm... I didn't recognize your voice?" Belinda defended herself. It would be foolish to say she was on a blind date arranged by her father. Belinda remembered Duke's threats about keeping her in bed for 3 days if she went out with other guys. She was not interested in more torture.

"Belinda, I don't believe you. I wasn't born yesterday. I waited forever for you at your company last night. And then you had the arrogance to hang up on me!" Duke g

e was not sure about the answer. After being dumped, he was determined not to fall in love again. What he felt for Belinda now was not love.

"See. Duke, you couldn't answer the question yourself." "I couldn't answer either. Therefore, there is no point for us to discuss marriage at this stage." Belinda didn't expect that she would feel a little sad when he gave in so easily.

"But I am confident that you will fall in love with me, so Let's go register for marriage tomorrow." Duke couldn't answer her question, but that didn't stop him from his obsession with marriage.

"Are you out of your mind? Register for marriage? Hell, no." Belinda found that it was a complete waste of time arguing with him. He wasn't listening, and she wasn't in love.

"I didn't ask for your permission. I am just telling you my decision." Duke replied with a evil smile. Belinda felt a migraine coming on.

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