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   Chapter 127 How Dare You Ignore My Call

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5355

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Belinda found that she had chosen the wrong guy to mess with. He wouldn't let her go after they shared the most intimate connection. What was more shocking? Duke standing on her front porch at the crack of dawn.

She massaged her temples, feeling a headache coming on. She remembered what he said to her that morning. 'I need to be prepared? Why? Does he think I'm clay to be molded as he wishes? It was just a one-night-stand. And hanging up on him should not be a big deal. He did not have the right to threaten me.' Belinda thought.

The secretary's touch jolted her out of her reverie. "Miss Belinda. Are you listening? What's wrong?" the secretary asked in a low voice, wondering what diverted her attention in the middle of a meeting. The expression on Belinda's face told the secretary what she needed to know. She was not paying attention at all.

"Umm...Nothing. Have you all finished reporting?" If that's it, then you're dismissed." Belinda came back to her senses and glanced at them. Her imposing manner was back.

"Miss Belinda, Just now the sales manager asked if we should step up the advertising campaign." The secretary again whispered in her ear, feeling embarrassed by her reactions. Didn't she notice that everyone was waiting? Instead of responding to the manager, Belinda adjourned the meeting. Again, she wasn't listening.

"Oh... I'll talk to FX International Group about the advertising campaign. But I want you to know the advertisement can only be a supplement to our products. It's the quality of our products that matters." Belinda flipped through the documents in f

mportant contract later." His assistant reminded him. This was the same girl who delivered the clothes to the hotel.

"Tell them to postpone it. I've got more important things to do." Duke left the office with all speed. His long legs allowed him to walk so fast that the assistant found it difficult to keep up with.

"But Mr Duke... Our clients might be on their way already, so changing the time is impossible." The assistant said with concern. She was following Duke so closely she bumped into him when he stopped walking.

"Listen, I didn't hire you to question my orders. I need you to help me solve problems. If you don't understand your job description, then tell me now so I can find someone else." Duke warned the assistant.

"Yes, sir! I'll negotiate with our clients to change the time right now. Do you need me to hold your following events as well?" The assistant asked, bowing her head. She did not dare to look at him. She felt helpless -- she could not disobey his orders. He was the boss. And he took great pride in letting everyone know it.

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