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   Chapter 125 You Caught Me Again

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"Colonel, do you think we can nail down several weapons this time?" Mark asked with great interest. As a soldier, anyone would like to touch this kind of hi-tech equipment, and Mark was no exception.

"I'm not sure right now. But, I think we won't take many this time as we are facing a great budget problem." Daisy replied. Her attention was still focused on the file.

"Colonel, why can't we request sponsorship for this program?" Mark asked with a frown. He was not as cheerful now as he was moments ago.

"This is a matter the leaders should worry about. It would be better if you just do your own job." Daisy raised her head and glanced at him. Then she continued to review the file.

"Okay, Colonel, let me find out what the other leaders think about this. You take your time, and I'll take your leave now." Mark said. Then he walked out of the office quickly. He was such a spirited young man!

Daisy felt speechless by his words. Mark had the knack for spying. He got his hands on all kinds of rumor and gossip. Daisy wondered how he got them. Maybe it was just like what he said, 'Knowing this and that ensures victory'.

Daisy continued to sift through the file. She didn't have the time to think where Mark go to get his dose of gossip. But right at that moment, she was interrupted by a sudden knock on the door.

"Come in, please, " Daisy answered without raising her head. But she knew it wasn't Mark. Mark never knocked on the door before entering. He was very unceremonious like an impudent boy.

"Daisy, I heard from Mark that you are back to work. I come by to see you." Kevin walked in with quick steps. There was a delighted smile on his face. He didn't like to call Daisy Colonel in private. He felt that the appellation would make them feel estranged.

"Mark is really fast. Has he already been to your office? He must have gone there to get advice from the oth

p of the tea. The hot tea made him frown a bit.

Daisy didn't know what to say after she heard Kevin's words. She stared at him helplessly. She knew he was not taking her seriously.

"Have you checked the files for today's meeting?" Daisy asked. She knew she wouldn't get any answer on the health issue, so she stopped bothering him.

"Yes. Do you have any suggestions?" asked Kevin. He took back his frivolous expression and returned to his calm demeanor.

"I'm not qualified to give any suggestion on it. In front of a learned man like you, I 'm only qualified to listen to your opinions." Daisy knew she wasn't well-versed with equipment knowledge, so she didn't offer any suggestion on this.

"You know what? Sometimes you are too modest. In fact, you know more about weapons than me. Your good shooting technique is well-known in the military. You are number one. And I am not as good as you when it comes to shooting.

Said Kevin. It was not flattery. Daisy's familiarity with guns was astonishing. She could make out the type of the weapon by listening to the sound when it was getting loaded. She was able to disassemble the gun and resume it in 20 seconds. Nobody could break this record. So Daisy earned her current position with her efforts.

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