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   Chapter 124 He Is Actually Very Lonely

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"Mrs. Mu, good morning. Mr. Mu asked me to send you to work." Luke greeted Daisy as soon as he saw her walk out. Mrs. Mu looked sharp in uniforms. Luke thought.

"Good morning. Sorry for troubling you." Daisy nodded and said to Luke. She didn't refuse to go with him because he had been to the military base before. Besides, Luke was an experienced driver, that could save her a lot of time.

"It's my duty, Mrs. Mu." Luke ran to open the car door for Daisy, exhibiting great respect for her.

"Thanks, " Daisy said to him gently. She bent down and got into the car.

As there were no traffic jam in the morning, The car moved quite fast. Soon they were out of downtown and near the suburb.

The morning in the suburb was filled up with the chirping of all kinds of birds and insects. Daisy pulled down the window and enjoyed the gentle breeze blowing over her face. She had been thinking about Edward's strange behavior yesterday. Since he didn't bring it up, she had to let it pass. Maybe it was because she wasn't the women he loved deeply in his heart. Therefore he didn't want to talk about it with her. Daisy thought.

"Luke, did anything happen to Mr. Mu yesterday? He acted rather strangely yesterday." asked Daisy in a calm voice. Luke was focusing on driving the car. But Daisy couldn't help speaking out what was on her mind. Her question made Luke hesitate for a bit.

"You mean yesterday? No, nothing special happened yesterday. He has kept a patient profile lately. So I don't think anything would bother him." Luke replied. He tilted his head and thought for a while. He remembered that Mr. Mu was in the office all day long yesterday. He didn't go out to meet any clients. Only Jessica came by yesterday.

Thinking of Jessica, Luke turned his head to take a quick look at Daisy. It seemed that Daisy had been looking outside and didn't notice his nervousness. Did Jessica

and walked away quickly.

Daisy shook her head and sighed. Mark was still very imprudent. She wondered when he would become mature and calm at work.

Mark was very efficient. As soon as Daisy sat down, Mark walked in with a stack of files in his hands.

"Colonel, These are all the files you need to sign, and there is a meeting at 9 a.m. concerning military weapons. This is the file for the meeting, you must take a look at it first." Mark handed the pile of files to her.

"Okay. I see." Daisy said and reached out to pick the files. She opened the file and began to browse it. When she saw the pictures of the new type of weapons displayed in the file, she felt excited. She had always been interested in military equipment. So her eyes were filled with excitement now.

"Colonel, will many big BOSSes show up this time?" Marked asked. They liked to name the powerful weapons as BOSS, It sounded more exciting and challenging to them

"Yes! They are good. But some of them are not suitable for marine force; they are more applicable to naval operations." Daisy had been paying attention to the new weapons of every country in the recent past. Hence she could quickly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the weapons in different operations.

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