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   Chapter 123 It's Mrs. Mu

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When the first morning rays came out of the horizon, Daisy was woken by the alarm clock. She moved her exhausted body and reluctantly turned off the alarm clock. She looked at Edward's handsome face with her sleepy eyes. She instantly felt the impulse to kick him off the bed.

Daisy got up hesitantly. The room was flooded with a sensual vibe. Edward was quite vigorous recently. Daisy wondered why he was so lascivious; there was no sign of sexual restraint in him. She had told him last night that she needed to go to work today. But he seemed indifferent and followed his own will. He had tortured her nearly till the sun rose.

As tired as she was, her stoic nature forbade her to indulge herself. As she was a little far from the military base, she had to move fast to get there on time. She wore her uniform after she was done cleaning up. But when she looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn't help letting out a scream. She walked towards Edward who still sounded asleep and gave him a firm kick without reluctance.

"Ah..." Edward was kicked off the bed by Daisy. He opened his misted eyes and looked at her, who was standing in front of him dressed in her uniform and glaring at him with rage. Edward was very confused, he wondered why she kicked him all of a sudden.

"Honey, are you going to work?" asked Edward. He didn't seem to mind her kick. He looked outside. It was still dark.

"Edward, don't try to change the subject this time." She distinctly remembered that he got away with the same trick last time.

"What? I am not averting from the topic." Edward said, flabbergasted. He didn't know what he had done wrong.

"Look what you have done to me." Daisy pointed at the love bites on her neck and shouted. The marks were so distinct that the uniform could barely cover them. It would be really embarrassing for her to face her comrades like this.

"What? I don't see anything!" Edward seemed oblivious to her claim. But his sly smile revealed his wickedness. H

w. Bye." While saying this, Daisy put her cap on and quickly walked out of the room.

Edward pursed his lips.'Okay, let her go.' Edward thought. Then he went back to bed and continued to sleep after calling Luke.

Mrs. Wu rubbed her eyes when she saw a woman walk down the stairs. 'It's strange, Who's this female officer?' Mrs. Wu thought.

"Mrs. Wu, good morning!" Daisy found that Mrs. Wu was looking at her in a stupor. So she greeted her first.

"Oh... It's Mrs. Mu! I was just wondering who's the female officer." Last time when Edward brought Daisy home, Mrs. Wu was already asleep. So except for Luke and the safeguard who was on duty that day, nobody knew that Mrs. Mu was a female officer.

"Sorry, I haven't introduced myself. Did I scare you?" Daisy apologized with a soft smile.

"That's all right. Mrs. Mu, you're too kind. Are you going to work?" Mrs. Wu looked at the darkness outside and asked doubtfully.

"Yes. The military base is a bit far from here." While saying this, Daisy looked at the time again. She frowned.

"I will go to fetch breakfast for you." Mrs. Wu turned around and ran to the kitchen.

"Thanks, Mrs. Wu. But I don't want to be too late; I will eat breakfast at the military base. I'm going. Good bye." After Daisy finished her comment, she quickly walked out of the house.

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