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   Chapter 122 I Don't Know If You'll Like Them

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5073

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"Wow! You cooked all of these dishes?" Edward said excitedly while looking at the food in disbelief. Most of the dishes were his favorites.

"Yes, but I don't know if you'll like Them." Daisy said with a stammer. Though Edward assured her that nothing had happened, she was still a bit worried.

"Wow! Mom, my favorite coca-chicken. Love you!" Then Justin jumped into Daisy's arms and gave her a big kiss. The way he spoke was quite similar to Edward.

"I thought what you really love is coca-chicken, not me!" Daisy said jokingly. Justin seemed to be so preoccupied with his studies that she hardly saw him all day.

"No. I love Coca-chicken. But what I love most has always been you, mom." Justin hugged her flatteringly as if to prove what he said was true.

"Really? But I think you love coca-chicken more than me." Daisy quipped, joking about his flattery.

"LOL. Mom, are you jealous of coca-chicken? Cheeky!" Justin stroked Daisy's face with his small hands.

"Yes. Yes, I'm jealous. I am not as important as coca-chicken to Justin. I'm heartbroken." Daisy said playfully. She knew how silver-tongued and playful Justin could be. But she chose to ignore it because she liked the way he held her.

"Mom, you are the most important person to dad. Right, Dad?" Justin looked up at Edward who was smiling happily, his eyes shining slyly.

His words struck Edward dumbfound. How was he suddenly involved in their joke?

"Yes. You and your mom are equally important to me. You both are indispensable f

to the fire. Now Edward got more jealous.

"Commander-in-chief? Who is he?"

Edward completely lost his poise. How come there are Kevin and another man? Is it because that the man Daisy loved was the commander, she didn't reciprocate to Kevin's love?

"Commander is commander. Who else can he be?" Justin stared disdainfully at Edward as if he were looking at some dumb person.

"Okay, Justin. Just eat your meal and stop talking." Daisy put on an angry expression and scolded him. She found Justin to be more snobbish now. He used to play cool and talk less, whereas now he was too casual.

"Okay. Mom." Justin replied with sadness. What he had said was in Daisy's interest. He purposefully said so to make Edward jealous. Yet, instead of showing gratitude, Daisy scolded him.

On the other hand, Edward just sat there with a lonesome look. If that was what Justin was going for, he undoubtedly succeeded. Edward's jealousy didn't dissipate till night when he taught Daisy a good lesson in the bed.

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