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   Chapter 121 Honey, It's So Good To Have You

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"Why don't you just ask Leena? She likes Belinda a lot." At last, he was able to travel at a good clip -- the rest of cars were speeding up as well. Traffic was beginning to clear.

"Let's not talk about Leena. I haven't dealt with her yet. She ran off before I came back." That gave Duke a headache. He could hardly believe Leena drugged Belinda.

"Running away from her problems is so like her. Where'd she go this time?" Edward giggled. His luxurious car zoomed through the city, making the night more fabulous.

"Where else? Grandpa's. Running away timely seems to be her main talent." Duke joked. 'Every time Leena does something wrong, she flees. When it blows over, she comes back, and flashes you that puppy dog look, so you can't stay mad.'

"By the way, why did she suddenly come back from Paris? Wasn't she studying design there?" Edward was too busy dealing with Daisy to ask Leena what was up.

"I don't know for sure. I've heard she established her own brand, quite popular in France." Duke spoke to her butler in Paris, which is the only way he knew.

"What? She is so talented! It seems that she has a knack for it, creating her own brand in such a short time. No wonder she wasn't concerned about school. She has acquired achievements already." Edward was quite happy for her, you could tell by his tone.

"Just forget about Leena now. I'm focused on Belinda's number." Then Duke sat down inside his car, weary of waiting idly outside.

"Hold on a sec. I'll have Aaron text you." 'Duke must have fallen in love with Belinda this time, or he wou

now why. Daisy stared at his dark eyes intently. She wanted to see through him, to his soul.

Edward held her tightly and kissed her forehead. It seemed that Daisy had felt his anxiety, thanks to Jessica. That was the last thing he wanted to see.

"Honey, do you still remember what you said? No matter what happens, you will give me a chance to explain." Jessica made him lose his coolness. He was scared to lose Daisy.

"Yes. I remember my words and will keep my promise." Daisy tried to smooth his frown with her fingers. She hated his frown for it made her heart ache and sink. She wanted him happy forever.

Edward couldn't help lowering his head and covering Daisy's lips with his own. He kissed her so intensely and affectionately.

Daisy responded clumsily. Her hands embraced him around his well-built waist. She had no idea why he was afraid, but she would accept it. She didn't know why he brought up her promise again, but she would go through thick and thin with him. Together they would handle whatever got thrown in their way.

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