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   Chapter 120 I'll Fix Dinner

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5023

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"Mrs. Wu, I'll fix dinner. Get some rest." Daisy said to Mrs. Wu, who was gathering ingredients for the next meal.

"Well. Mrs. Mu, it's our job. We can't let you do this." Mrs. Wu was shocked. She couldn't rest while her mistress was preparing the dinner. Besides, did Daisy even know how to cook? She doubted it. Edward was quite fastidious when it came to food.

"That's alright. I am not as good as you, but I'm not terrible. Don't worry. Edward will have a proper meal." Daisy promised as if she knew what Mrs. Wu was thinking.

"Okay, then. I will help you with dinner, Mrs. Mu." Mrs. Wu relaxed a bit. Not many young people knew how to cook now. But Mrs. Mu did. What a good wife!

"Thank you, Mrs. Wu. I need your help anyway." She'd only lived with Edward for just a short time, so she didn't know what food or flavors he liked, but Mrs. Wu could tell her.

"Mrs. Mu, that's exactly what I should do." Mrs. Wu liked Daisy more with every passing day. She felt so lucky that Edward had brought Daisy home and made the luxurious villa like a home, not just an empty house. Hopefully, they could live happily ever after. May there be no more accidents.

The city never slept. The closer it got to night time, the busier the roads became, especially during rush hour. Commuters, just off work, now crowded the streets.

Edward was annoyed. He tapped the wheel impatiently, his handsome face displayed his anger. 'Usually the road is less busy. Why is there a traffic jam now? So both Jess

inda for the embarrassment. One more strike against her.

"Well... Actually I don't have it." Aaron handled all the communications for work. Edward showed up only when a major decision was to be made, for example, he called Belinda only when she demanded to talk to him personally. Since he didn't quite see eye-to-eye with Belinda, he didn't bother to keep her number on hand.

"But YS and FX are partners, right? How come you don't have her number?" Duke retorted angrily. He shouldn't have expected solutions from Edward. It was a waste of time.

"Yes, we are partner companies, but you are partners in bed. Still... you don't know her number." There was no way Duke could win in a war of words with Edward. The CEO was too silver-tongued to be beaten.

"Okay, okay. Just find someone who knows and get back to me." Duke stood outside his car in a heatwave, and all these women stared at him. Every woman except the right one. He'd had enough. Duke's last frayed thread of patience snapped.

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