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   Chapter 119 Honey, I Miss You Too

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5103

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Jessica stroked her fair neck in fear. She could hardly believe that Edward had just tried to kill her. She still didn't know enough about Edward.

"Anna, see her out." Edward ordered without another look at Jessica. The coldness continued to emanate from him.

"Miss Jessica, come with me, please." Anna knew Edward's temper. He loved Justin, and Jessica called Justin names. Of course Edward would lose his temper.

Jessica took a last look at the man she loved so much. She knew he'd never belong to her completely. But she didn't mind sharing him with other women as long as she could be by his side. Edward shattered that wish.

The longer she looked at him, the more she wanted him. 'Edward, I will make you marry me and accept our child by all means. Only I am the perfect match for you.' she thought.

Edward gracefully returned to his desk and sat down. He took the call, and Jessica disappeared from his mind.

"Hey, what's up? Do you miss me?" He said gently, smiling broadly. One could hardly link his affectionate look to his coldness and cruelty just moments before.

Jessica could hear him. His gentleness made Jessica's feet soft. Her face grew pale. 'Ah, Edward, you used to be so gentle and caring to me as well. But not now. What about this woman? How long will it take you to dump her? We'll all end up deserted.'

"Edward, don't be so childlike. Will you be home on time?" Daisy said, flipping through the files she had just copied.

"Do you want me home early? I'll think about it." Edward a

miss you." Edward couldn't hide his feelings anymore. He missed Daisy after having to deal with Jessica.

To be honest, he couldn't be sure that he wasn't the father of Jessica's baby. He only knew that the possibility was remote. He felt pressured. He didn't want to hurt Daisy with that just when their relationship was getting better.

"Um. Honey, I miss you too." Finally Daisy admitted it. Maybe it was his loneliness. Maybe his affection. She liked being close to him emotionally.

Edward could hardly believe what he just heard. In fact, Daisy had never said any sweet words to him or called him honey.

"Honey, thank you. I feel better now. Just stay home and wait for me. I'll be there soon." To hell with Jessica! He would not let her disrupt what he had with Daisy.

"Okay, I'll be waiting. Drive safe." Daisy's heart was filled with softness and affection. To hell with coldness. She was done burying her feelings. She loved Edward. She would say it out loud. And she didn't care who heard her.

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