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   Chapter 117 I'm Pregnant

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5490

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In an office of FX International Group

Edward Mu was commenting on various documents, his pen moving like lightning. His calm and steady face exuded wisdom. His eyebrows furrowed when difficult problems arose, which made him pause here and there.

There was a series of gentle, rhythmic knocks. "Knock knock, " Anna swiftly entered.

"Something up?" Edward's eyebrows furrowed again as he asked without looking up. She sounded like it was urgent.

"Mr. Mu, Miss Jessica Lin is here for you. She said it's something important." Anna waited for Edward's reaction, uncertain what his answer would be.

"What did you say?" Edward finally looked up from the paperwork and stared straight at Anna.

"Miss Jessica Lin is here. She said she wanted to see you. Do you want me to show her in?" Anna now wondered if this interruption was a good idea.

"Jessica Lin, what's she doing here? What's so important that she needs to talk to me in person?" Ever since she had made her threats to Edward last time, she hadn't turned up again till now. He didn't know why she reappeared after two months. Hasn't she given up yet?

"I'm not sure, Mr. Mu. But she said she must see you today. Do you want to meet with her?" This visit was unexpected. Even Anna was a little surprised.

"Bring her up!" Edward thought for a moment and made the decision. He hoped that Jessica would know her place and not cause him any more trouble. Otherwise she would never be welcome again.

"Yes, Mr. Mu." Anna deferentially exited the office.

Edward leaned back into his chair and rubbed between his eyes to relax his exhausted nerves. He promised Daisy that

y to deal with anything.

"Edward, don't push it. As you well know, you are the only man I've been with all these years. Why couldn't it be yours?" Jessica bit her lip, tears slowly welled up. Aggrieved, she stare at the man who was as still as a divine statue.

"Jessica, are you certain that I'm the only man you've been with?" Edward's face grew dark. He glared at her intensely, turning the atmosphere into a breathless hell ruled by a merciless devil.

"Of course I'm certain." A memory flashed through her head, but she rejected it in an instant. It couldn't be from that encounter.

"Then go ahead and give birth to it! I do want to see if it's actually mine. If it's not -- then you should know what would happen next."

Edward was confident. He was not to be fooled so easily. If he hadn't used protection all these years, there would be many pregnant women at his door. Of course, Daisy was an exception. With her, it happened when he was not entirely conscious, so that didn't count.

'Jessica Lin, pregnant, huh? This time you're really going to pay for your stupidity.'

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