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   Chapter 116 The Choice

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4969

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"Belinda, do you still think you have a choice? From the moment you crossed my path, you lost your say in this matter. So I'm telling you now. You, Belinda Shangguan, are going to be my lawful wedded wife as soon as possible."

Duke told Belinda his decision, forcefully putting his wine glass onto the tea table. He then stood up and coldly exited the luxurious presidential suite.

Belinda was shocked, and could only watch him leave. Her heart was bitter, her eyes clouded with sparkling tears. She couldn't tell whether it was from his merciless exit, or his vow.

She took a deep breath, confused about her own feelings. But she couldn't marry someone just because of a one night stand.

Belinda stood up and wiped her forehead, then gave up the idea of standing and threw herself onto the large soft bed. She abruptly got up when she saw the specks of scarlet.

Damn! What was that asshole Duke so angry about? It was her who lost her virginity. How come he acted as if he lost something? Becoming his wife? She never agreed to this! She'd never met a man more unreasonable than Duke.

"You want to stay?" His cold voice suddenly rang across the room. Belinda dropped down onto the bed again, staring in a panic at the icy figure at the door.

"You... I thought you left." Belinda said apprehensively. How come he always showed up like a ghost?

"I'm not as terrible as you think." When Duke walked out of the suite earlier, he thought that she was going to follow him.

nd and began to walk out, as if nothing had happened.

"Duke, let go of me." Belinda tried very hard to wrest herself from his grasp. She didn't want others to see her coming out of a hotel with a man in the morning. Her reputation!

"Stop. Just stop. Otherwise I'll carry you on my back." Duke said without turning back. He didn't mind at all the burning pain of her nails piercing through his skin. His hand was still locked on hers.

Belinda stopped fighting and turned into a docile kitten, her head down, not looking anywhere but the ground.

Duke let out a gentle chuckle which dissipated within a second. His tough face turned gentle. Even a wild cat was afraid of something. His future life wouldn't be boring then, since this woman was full of surprises.

Belinda once again felt a rush of desire. She glanced at Duke, who was even hotter from the side view. He was a handsome man, able to drive all the girls crazy. But then his coldness drove everyone away immediately.

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