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   Chapter 114 I'll Be Responsible For You

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4974

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The first beam of morning sunshine shone through the half-open curtains. Belinda rubbed her eyes and looked around blankly. She turned and saw the handsome man lying right next to her. All her memories about last night suddenly came back to her. She hit her head in remorse.

What happened last night kept flashing through her mind frame by frame. She couldn't believe that bold and active woman was herself! Why couldn't everything be just a crazy dream? It was so humiliated. How could things end up like this? One minute ago she cried that he wasn't her type, the next minute she crawled into bed with him.

"You'll get even dumber if you keep hitting your head like that." The first thing Duke saw after he woke up was Belinda frowning and hitting herself. He squinted at her for a while. Eventually, he smiled and couldn't help teasing her.

To be honest, he was quite surprised that he was her first man. After all, she'd lived abroad for years -- she must have had quite a few boyfriends during that time. But he wasn't bothered by it. On the contrary, he was thrilled that she was still a virgin before last night.

"Well... About last night... I..." Startled by him, Belinda wrapped herself in the sheet and stammered. She couldn't look him in the eye.

"What... about last night? Remember, you slept with me, so you should be responsible for me." Duke looked at her and said sternly. He then got up, revealing his glorious body. He took the towel from the chair and tied i

hat are you doing?" With a new towel around his waist, Duke emerged from the shower, and his hair was still wet. Belinda could see water slide down his muscular body and vanish into the towel. He looked so deliciously seductive.

Immersed in her own thoughts, Belinda was startled by Duke's sudden appearance. She screamed and unconsciously flung her hands over her eyes. However, the sheet covering her slipped. She let out an even more louder scream and crouched down to grab the sheet.

"Ahhhhh!! Turn around! Now!" Belinda tried her best to grab the sheet as quickly as she could and wrapped it around herself firmly.

"Belinda, is that how you try to turn me on?" Duke narrowed his eyes and curled his lips. He then slowly advanced on Belinda.

"No... Duke, don't come any closer." Panicked, Belinda backed up as Duke walked to her. She widened her eyes and clenched the sheet nervously as Duke approached closer and closer. She wanted desperately to run away, but she couldn't.

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