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   Chapter 113 Do You Have Any Idea What You Are Doing

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Surprised, Daisy looked at Belinda's unusually red face. She then said to Duke determinedly:

"Duke, I have a request. Don't hurt her if you don't really like her."

"Don't worry, Daisy. I know what I'm doing." Duke looked at Belinda, only to find she was breathing heavily. He nodded at Daisy and wrapped his arm around Belinda's waist to carry her towards the door. Belinda stumbled because of the drug. Duke had to hold her tighter in case she tripped. When they finally made it to the door, he stopped abruptly and glared at Leena again.

"You're grounded till I decide what to do with you." His cold voice froze Leena. He didn't say anything else; he just carried Belinda out of the room. Duke was furious. As much as he loved his sister, he couldn't forgive her for hurting others.

Startled by his threatening looks, Leena stepped backward out of fear. He must have known what she had done, and he wanted to punish her for that.

Did she regret it? No, she didn't. She convinced herself that she did what she did for her brother's sake. Things wouldn't work out between Duke and Belinda if she didn't intervene. What would happen if Belinda decided to be with someone else before her brother started to ask her out?

Edward once told her that Duke had someone in his heart, someone so special that he could never let anyone else in. But Leena knew that Belinda was different. She was special to him too. Otherwise, he wouldn't tolerate Leena calling Belinda her sister-in-law. Maybe he had already accepted her, but he chose to ignore his true feelings deliberately.

"You've gone too far, missy. Even I can't save you this time." Edward cast a look at the two cuddled figures and slightly shook his head. Hope Duke knew what he was doing.

"Edward, I..." Leena lowered her head and bit her lip nervously. Had she actually done something inexcusable?

Daisy sighed heavily. What's done was done. They could only wait to see how things

his body was screaming and shouting out of pain.

"But... I feel painful..." Belinda pouted with a sob.

Duke's hand slightly twitched and he shower sprinkler he's holding accidentally splashed water spouts all over himself. He then mumbled, 'I gave you the chance to run away from me, but you didn't take it. Blame yourself for what's coming to you.'

"Do you have any idea what you are doing right now? humm?" With his eyes fixed on her rosy lips, Duke asked her one last time.

"I know... Give it to me..." Belinda couldn't wait any longer. She ripped his shirt off and eagerly ran her hands all over his skin. What on earth was he hesitating for?

"Very well. Look at me. Do you know who I am?" He gently clutched her jaw with his slender fingers, forcing her to look into his eyes.

"Duke..." Meekly, Belinda answered in a hoarse whisper. She shook her head to break free from his grip and grabbed his collar to kiss him. Once again, she was lost in the tenderness of his thin lips.

Duke decided not to hold back anymore. He held Belinda in his arms and kissed her back aggressively. 'I hope you won't regret this later.' He thought.

Duke tossed the shower sprinkler aside and carried Belinda out of the bathroom. He threw her into the king-sized bed and gently lay on top of her.

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