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   Chapter 112 I Am Feeling A Little Strange

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"No big deal. Just out of carelessness." Belinda avoided Duke's sharp eyes and wondered why he suddenly became interested in her. She distinctly remembered that he used to dislike her. What made him change his mind about her now?

"Well. My dear sister-in-law, you shouldn't be too hasty in drinking. Yes, I asked you to drink it up, but I didn't tell you to gulp it down like that." Leena mumbled as her heart continued to race rapidly.

Belinda gave an angry glare to Leena. In her opinion, it was exactly Leena's expectation. After all, it was Leena who got her in such an embarrassing situation.

"Son, why don't you eat? You don't like the food?" Edward asked when he saw the disconcerted Justin.

He remembered how Justin loved gourmet food. So why didn't he have any appetite tonight? The food at this restaurant was not bad. It was palatable!

"I'm alright, dad. I'm just not hungry." Justin raised his head and smiled. But his smile was even bitter than a crying face. Of course, he had no appetite----there was a time bomb right in front of him, Belinda. He really wished to go home and stay with Luke. He would rather not see what would follow next.

In spite of Duke's tight watch, Belinda poured herself another glass of wine and began sipping in order to evade his overly intent staring.

Leena, on the other hand, looked at her quite hesitantly. Was the drug too strong and effective? She wished that Belinda would drink more, that way nobody would notice that she had drugged Belinda through alcohol.

"Daisy, you should have a drink as well." After saying so, Belinda poured half a glass of wine for Daisy, but just before she handed it to her, the glass was taken away by Edward

eena, and pulled Belinda up.

"Duke... Belinda... Will she be okay?" Leena asked timidly. She was both concerned and scared now.

"I will deal with you when I come back." Duke wondered if he had doted on Leena too much and perhaps that's why she was behaving recklessly and improperly. Now she even dared to drug others.

"Duke, I'm okay. I can drive home myself." Belinda felt weird but she didn't want to take his favor, yet she liked his cold body. She wanted to get closer to him and take in more coolness from him.

"If you don't want to make a fool of yourself in public, you'd better come with me." Duke's eyes grew darker and colder. Maybe it was due to her rejection, or maybe his care for her.

"Duke, what do you mean? What's the matter with Belinda?" Daisy was totally confused. She held one of Belinda's hands and wouldn't let go of it.

Duke gestured at Edward and let him explain to Daisy.

Then Edward gracefully and slowly stood up and whispered in Daisy's ears. Even at this urgent moment, he intentionally let his warm breath caress her cheek and curl her heart. He knew how to make good use of his charm.

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