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   Chapter 111 You Two Can Make A Good Couple

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"You want drinks?" Edward frowned. The last thing he wanted tonight was to be with a drunken woman again.

"No! It's just that my brother wants to have a drink with you." Leena managed a smile and gave a quick glance at Duke, hoping he didn't notice what was going on here. Anyway, he had been staring at Belinda all the time. He wouldn't notice anything.

Edward glanced at Duke, and found that he was lost in his thoughts, his face grew thoughtful. Then Edward looked at Leena with a knowing smile. It was evident that she was planning something. That was fine by him. He was just curious about what she was up to.

"Justin, you must make sure that your aunt Belinda is going to drink later. OK?" Leena whispered in Justin's ear, "Make it or break it, everything depends on tonight."

"Why me?" Justin rolled his eyes in despair. He rolled his eyes more frequently than ever since he met this terrible woman.

"Ha ha! Because with you, she will let all her defences down!" The drug she prepared wasn't too strong. If they didn't have any feelings for each other, nothing would happen. She got it just this morning from a friend who worked in a bar, knowing it might come in handy sometime. It didn't occur to her that the opportunity would come this soon.

"You don't mean to drug both of them, do you?" Justin asked her uncertainly. He could almost figure it out just by the way Leena stared at aunt Belinda. He knew about these little tricks all too well. All the time he had spent on the Internet paid off.

"Bingo. You got it. But we won't drug Mr. Cold." If one of them is sober, there's still a chance to save the situation.

Belinda felt a sudden chill and shivered. She looked around, but everything seemed all right!


bad." Leena was holding a glass of wine, her hand trembling slightly. Her pretty face looked extremely nervous. Justin, the little traitor, chickened out at the last minute, so she had to do it herself.

Belinda looked at Leena doubtfully, wondering why she changed the tack and suddenly started making a toast.

She was not going to drink the wine Leena handed her. But when she saw Duke watching her, Daisy's words came to her mind. In her panic, she took the glass and gulped the wine in one go. She almost choked.

Leena was amazed at how everything went so well. She had expected it to be a challenging task. She didn't think it would be so easy.

Justin sighed as Belinda gulped down the drugged wine. 'Poor aunt Belinda! Being the sister-in-law of this horrible woman would be your only choice.' Anyway, he washed his hands of the whole affair. He thought everything would be fine if he didn't make a move. But Leena got her way after all. Perhaps this was God's will, and everything had worked out the way it was supposed to.

"Slow down, Belinda." Daisy patted her back. Belinda could be impulsive sometimes. Even drinking could get her to choke.

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