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   Chapter 110 I Promise You

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"Edward, I promise you. No matter what happens in the future, I'll choose you over everything. I'll wait for your explanation, and I'll believe you. But I have only one condition. I'll keep my promise only when I know that Justin is safe and sound. Would you do that for me?"

Murmured Daisy while gently touching Edward's handsome face. Only God knew how many times she wanted to tell him honestly how much she loved him. But she couldn't until she knew that he felt the same way for her. She'd rather die than know that he wouldn't fall for her.

Edward smiled tenderly, and Daisy froze. She couldn't think nor move. His smile was like a spring breeze that swept over her skin. She quivered unconsciously and leaned forward to press her rosy lips against his. She was unable to resist his charm.

She missed him so much. And she had been waiting for this kiss for a long time. All she wanted now was to drown in that kiss. At least he was hers for now. His smile, his gentleness, his kiss and he himself belonged to her now. Why should she run away when she could indulge herself?

Daisy flung her arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. He always seemed distant and elusive to her. She had worshiped him for decades. He was the love of her life, the hope that sustained her. She was a survivor because of her love for him. She couldn't bear losing him again. She had decided that she would never let go of him.

It wouldn't hurt so much if she didn't know what it felt like to be loved by him. And she wouldn't be so desperate if he didn't give her any hope.

Edward was surprised by her sudden move. Her lips were trembling slightly, and so was her whole body. She was warm and tender in his arms. He could feel her intense passion for him. Was that love? He had no idea. He could only hold her tighter and kiss her back. Whatever she had in mind, he just wanted to feel every bit of her.

As a result, they were late in reaching the restaurant. Edward grabbed Daisy's shoulder and gave a tacit smile as an answer to the inquisitive looks from the others. However, Daisy blushed and looked away awkwardly.

"Mommy, daddy! What took you so long?" Justin struggled to break free from Leena's grip and threw himself into Edward's arms. Leena freaked him out. He had a creepy feeling whenever she was around him, he had to keep her at arm's length.

"Sorry. Something unexpected came up." Edward lifted Justin up and kissed his chubby face. His face softened, and love emanated from his eyes the moment he saw his beloved son.

"Daddy, I want to sit beside you and mommy, " mumbled Justin while clenching Edward's sleeve. Justin was acting cute. And he only did it with Edward when there was something he couldn't handle, and he needed his father's help.

"What's the matter? Is Aunty Leena bullying you again?" Edward softly pinched his face and asked with a smile. He then took Daisy's hand to make her sit next to him.

"What are you talking about, Edward? Who told you I'm bullying him? I'm not a bully, am I?"

Leena secretly rolled her eyes at Justin. He was playing innocent again. Others might not know the truth, but she did. She knew that under his innocent image, there was a little devil hidden inside him. Although Leena hadn't known Justin for long, she saw through him because they were the same kind of people.

On the other side of the table, Belinda felt like she was sitting on pins and needles. Duke's fer

vent look never left her, and she felt like she was being put on a grill. She wriggled nervously because Duke's gaze was making her quite uncomfortable.

Crossing his legs casually, Duke fixed his eyes on Belinda deliberately. She said that he wasn't her type? That sounded quite interesting. He didn't know that she had a type. Besides, he had many ways to change her mind.

Once he fell for someone, he would never give her the chance to run away. Come to think of it, having a relationship with Belinda wasn't such a bad idea. She had evoked his interest significantly. It was unusual for him to be attracted by a woman.

Edward glanced at Duke and then at Belinda. His thin lips curled into an indistinct smile. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully, 'Now, things are getting more and more interesting.'

Justin was not in the mood for chitchat. Were it not for Leena, who had dragged him into her car and brought him here against his will; he would have been eating fried chicken now. He gloomily glared at the woman who was beaming at him across the table.

However, Leena couldn't care less what Justin thought of her. She was thrilled about her secret plan. She had been planning it for the longest time. Even though she had no idea whether things would turn out as she expected, she had to give it a try.

Daisy looked around the room and frowned. Why did she have a feeling that everyone in this room was acting weird? They all seemed to have something in their mind that was troubling them tremendously. Daisy was confused.

"Justin, you'd better sit with me." Leena pushed Edward aside and sat next to the little one. 'Humm! Trying to run away from me? No freaking way!' She raised her eyebrows and winked at Justin gloatingly.

Panicked, Justin widened his eyes and gasped. 'What's going on here? Why can't she cut me some slack?' Justin cried out desperately in his mind.

"Aunty Leena, why do you have to sit beside me? Don't you think it's a bit too crowded here?" snapped Justin fretfully. Leena said she needed his help, but she didn't tell him what exactly did she want him to do. What if she asked him to do something illegal?

"I really don't think so. Haven't you heard the advertisement say 'Scoot over, and everything gets better'?" Leena was stuttering. She would say or do anything so long as Justin was willing to help her.

"Nonsense! It's 'Wash over, and everything gets better.' I'm sure you know that." Justin rolled his eyes at Leena. She seemed so adorable and lovely, but how could she be so evil in nature?

"Well, well. Whatever it is. As long as it makes sense." She hardly watched television. How was she supposed to know the specifics of the advertisement? Besides, she had been abroad for years, and she just returned. She had more important things to do than memorizing advertisement lines. Helping her brother to marry Belinda was now the priority on her agenda. Everything seemed meaningless to her until Belinda became her sister-in-law officially.

"Alright, alright. Both of you. Here's the menu. What do you want? Order anything you like." Edward got exasperated by the childish quarrel between Leena and his son. He hurried to hand over the menu to interrupt them.

"Whatever you like. We can eat anything. But Edward, don't forget to order drinks for me." Leena paused and squinted at Justin with a wicked smile. She didn't even give Justin the chance to order his favorite dish.

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