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   Chapter 109 Could I Have Your Promise

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6155

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"Hello" Daisy nodded at Duke with a gentle smile. She didn't mind that Edward put his arm around her waist. Just let it be, she thought. She realized that she loved him, and it was unnecessary to hide it. Besides, she also enjoyed the tender feeling of being held by him.

"Mr Duke, when did you get married? Why didn't you ask me to be the flower boy at your wedding ceremony?" Justin was determined to know the answer. He shoved Leena aside and jumped into Duke's arms.

Leena was displeased when Justin pushed her. But she decided to forgive him as she felt Justin had asked an excellent question. It was important to bring Belinda and Duke together.

"Do you want to be a flower boy? Well, when I get married, I will ask you to be my flower boy. You have my word." Duke didn't answer Justin's question accurately. He was smart to skip the main point. He only replied to the part that concerned Justin.

"Okay! Mr. Duke, you'd better get married as soon as possible. I can't wait any longer to be your flower boy. In a few years, I would be too old to be a flower boy." Justin said in an innocent voice with his head tilted gracefully.

"Justin, you don't have to worry about this. Because your wish will come true very soon!" Leena said. Her eyes were glowing with evasive looks. She insured Justin with full confidence. She felt that Belinda and Duke just needed a little push. But she didn't know what would happen to her if they came to know about her plan. Would Belinda boil her in a pan if her plan was brought to light? Leena thought.

Justin helplessly sighed in his heart. 'Ah! Who would be Miss Leena's prey this time? I'm sure this time it won't be me.'

Duke squinted at Belinda. There was a sneaky expression in his eyes.

Daisy looked at Edward dubiously; she was wondering what Leena was implying. Maybe Edward

rd like you did last time. Believe me that I will never break my promise to you. Okay?"

Edward said gently with a husky voice. His tone was heavy as if he was begging. He worried that something might happen to them, but he didn't know what. This feeling kept bothering him constantly.

Daisy stroked his handsome face with her tender fingers. She didn't know why Edward suddenly became so sentimental. But she could feel that he was serious with his words.

"Edward, does this mean you have started caring about me? Are you asking for my promise? Or are you assuming that you will do something that will break my heart?" Daisy looked firmly at him. She was impressed by his tenderness.

Edward didn't say anything. He slowly kissed her red lips. His movement was so gentle that she couldn't even feel his breath. While savoring her sweet kiss, he was setting up a tender trap, making her irresistible to his seduction and having her fall in passionate love.

"Could I have your promise?" Edward stopped kissing and gasped slightly. He murmured in her ear, with his forehead against hers.

Daisy's face blushed. Although it wasn't the first time they kissed, it still made her face blush, and her heart beat faster.

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