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   Chapter 108 Are You Uncle Duke's Wife

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"Honey, I'm hungry. Let's go out to eat something, " said Daisy gently in Edward's ear in a sweet and natural voice. Her breath blowing over his skin, his body stiffened for several seconds, and the feeling made him smile.

Daisy knew he had a right to be angry. She had countermanded his orders in front of the employees. So she talked to him in the way he liked, and calmed him down.

Hearing Daisy call him "honey" made him pretty happy. 'Daisy knows this works for me every time. I underestimated her.' he thought.

"OK, honey. Let's go." Edward waved his hand, dismissing the employees.

"Yes, Mr. Edward." Everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief. They were now more impressed with Daisy. They would never again mistake her for an ordinary woman. She was the wife of the CEO, and they resolved to remember that.

When they stepped out of MY Mall, the sun was setting and the sky was flame-red. The clamorous city began to quiet down.

Belinda was holding Justin's hand, smiling and looking at him. She liked him very much and wondered when she could have a lovely son like him.

"Justin, what would you like for dinner? Whatever you want. My treat, " said Belinda gently, still looking at Justin.

"OK. Really?" Asked Justin excitedly. His eyes sparkled happily.

"Sure. Would I ever lie to you?" replied Belinda warmly and patiently.

Justin glanced at his mother and said, "I'd like to eat at KFC."

"No problem! But... maybe later. I'm not a fan of the food there, though. I ate so much of it abroad that I'm sick of it now."

"Aunt Belinda, could you tell mommy later that you like eating there?" pleaded Justin, and then narrowed his eyes into the sweetest smile he could ever make.

Leena replied, "Sister-in-law, don't agree to it, sis. Daisy won't take him there, so he's trying to get you to do it." Leena was sulking. Justin was close to everybody but her, so she wouldn't let him get what he wanted.

Justin glared at Leena and thought, 'What a bad woman!' He wondered when Aunt Belinda became Leena's sister-in-law. Uncle Duke didn't even have a girlfriend.

"Aunt Belinda, are you Uncle Duke's wife?" Feeling free to ask embarrassing questions had always be

en one of his merits.

"Leena, I told you not to call me sister-in-law, and now even Justin is confused. Do you want me to end up alone?" Belinda didn't understand why Leena wanted her to be her sister-in-law. She wondered whether Duke had some painful secret. Otherwise, why did Leena try to upsell him?

Ah! How had Mr. Cold got into this? Could he remain cool when he knew she doubted that he had some kind of secret illness?

"Sister-in-law, don't worry. You have my brother. How can you stay alone forever? Relax. He will marry you, " promised Leena, patting on her chest, and then quickly left. Well, to be fair, she was smart enough to avoid an argument with Belinda.

"Leena, Quit trying to set me up with Duke! He's not my type." Sure enough, Belinda started yelling, regardless of her elegant image.

"So what?" Duke asked. "Am I that embarrassing? I wonder what your type is..." asked Duke in a cold and lazy voice, leaning leisurely against the door of his car. In the setting sun his slim figure didn't seem to be as cold as before, but his cold eyes never left Belinda, which made her shiver.

"Brother!" Leena joyfully ran into Duke's arms and put her own around his athletic waist. She had called Duke as soon as she saw Daisy and the others. She'd asked him to pick her up, but in fact she had been trying to get Duke and Belinda together.

"Yes. You must be tired." Looking at Leena, Duke smiled and stroked her disorderly hair lovingly.

"Er... Duke, That's not what I meant. But we're not dating, are we? I meant nothing by it." Belinda wondered why Duke was staring at her like that. She had just asked him once to pretend to be her boyfriend. That was all. She did nothing evil. How could he wear that gloomy expression in front of her?

"Duke, no wonder you can find us so easily. You have amazing ears!" Edward smiled at him, and put his hand around Daisy's waist. It was crystal clear to him that it was Leena's idea. It couldn't be a coincidence.

Duke glanced at Edward and ignored him, but nodded at Daisy and said, "Sister-in-law, nice to see you again." Duke respected Daisy a lot. Maybe it was because she was Edward's wife, and he liked her just for that.

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