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   Chapter 107 Keep Them Even If You Don't Get A Chance To Wear Them

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Justin finally figured out it was not wise to piss off Leena. She had many ways to retaliate. He was relieved that he was not her target.

The shop assistants looked at Edward with trepidation. How could they know that this plainly-dressed woman was the CEO's wife? And they certainly didn't expect that the CEO would pay them a visit. Edward had his designers, so he never went shopping. His daily outfits were bespoke suits, not something you could just buy off the rack.

"You are free to go. Leave us alone." Edward knew that they were shocked by his visit. But he wasn't here for them. He didn't need to be waited on hand and foot.

"Yes, boss." The assistants went back into the shop immediately. Although their CEO was handsome and attractive, he would not hesitate to fire them if they didn't keep their distance.

Daisy looked at Edward in doubt and wondered why he was recognized here.

Edward whispered in Daisy's ear and cleared her doubts.

"Are you saying that this super expensive department store is owned by FX International Group?" Daisy asked in surprise. "You are such a profiteer!" She exclaimed. Daisy still remembered some of the prices. All the clothes were insanely expensive and she could only afford one with her whole month's salary. 'Why couldn't he make the department store affordable for everyone?' Daisy thought.

"If I am a profiteer, you would be the wife of a profiteer." Edward pinched her small nose gently. Did she forget whose wife she was?

"We are not the same. I am a h

o have Luke look into how she used to live.

"Edward, I don't need so many clothes. I wear uniforms at work." Daisy wondered why he suddenly got mad.

"Keep them even if you don't get a chance to wear them." Even Edward had no idea where his outburst came from. He just needed to explode, and he did so at that moment.

As a soldier, she felt obliged to live humbly, not extravagantly. Daisy raised her eyebrows in anger. As a soldier she learned to be frugal, modest, and honest. What Edward did was a wasteful act. Why didn't he donate the money to welfare institutions?

"Don't listen to him and stop packing." Daisy glanced at Edward's gloomy face, wondering why he did everything of his own will. He never asked anyone else's opinion.

The assistant was nonplussed -- she didn't know whose orders to follow.

Edward didn't think Daisy would withdraw his orders. His eyes narrowed dangerously, and shot an angry look at Daisy. But what Daisy said next immediately drain the rage from him completely.

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