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   Chapter 106 But With Who

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"Which floor? And which storefront?" Edward was holding his son's hand while on the phone. Luke Luo followed closely behind him.

Daisy replied and hung up, surprised at Edward's speed. He came here so fast, as if he'd driven a rocket!

Edward was immediately the center of attention. He was handsome and tall, elegant and noble. A king among men.

"Daddy, is mommy done shopping yet? She's not going to ask us to shop with her, right?" Justin really disliked going shopping.

"Um... I actually don't know. I think she's done!" Edward paused for a second. He wasn't actually sure about the answer. He had never gone shopping with a woman. He just supplied the money -- anything else was too much trouble for him.

Justin rolled his eyes, annoyed at his father's fib. Didn't he know how tiring it was to shop with a woman?

"Hm! You're killing me dad!" Edward always lost all sense of reason when it came to his mom. Justin would end up a collateral victim.

"Hey! It's not that bad kiddo." Edward said, smiling at his son's pouty face.

"You wish! Don't say I didn't warn you! Women are insane when they go shopping." Justin spoke as if he had seasoned knowledge of women.

"How do you know that? Do you always go shopping with mommy?" Edward was genuinely curious.

"Not really. Mommy doesn't like going shopping. But you see it all the time on TV. The men have it bad in those shows. They have to carry bags and pay for everything. It's scary just thinking about it."

Justin shivered playfully. Hi

s all of a sudden?

"Relax, my sister-in-law. Mr. Cold's fantastic genes are still available! He can give you a kid even more adorable than Justin." Leena's grin was even wider now, considering that Belinda was going along with her ribbing.

Edward didn't expect to see Leena here. He could see what Leena was doing a mile away, and Belinda fell into it. He thought the woman was smarter than that. Who'd have thought that she would fall into Leena's trap?

"Mr. Cold, huh? Doesn't sound bad." Belinda tilted her head and thought for a second. Then she thought of Duke's cold face and she snapped out of it.

"Hey! Leena, you little punk! You dug me into a hole when I was distracted. Do you want to get whipped?" Belinda scowled at Leena as if she wanted to cut her into little pieces.

Edward burst out laughing. How could she be so slow? Mr. Cold had no fear of a boring life definitely. He saw how Duke looked when he stared at Belinda last night. He looked like a fox who just spotted its prey...

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