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   Chapter 105 Just A Public Servant

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"Why should I go visit your daddy?" Belinda was surprised. What was going on? Why did Leena suddenly bring that up?

"To discuss wedding plans, of course!" Leena shrugged as if she were talking about the weather.

Belinda sighed deeply. She turned to Daisy for help, but she was also stunned by Leena's unexpected speech. Could it be any worse than this? Belinda could not recall a time when she and Leena's brother got along well enough to get married with each other. Leena couldn't be serious about this. Or could she?

"Leena. You're not yourself. Are you sick? Feverish, maybe?" Belinda pressed her forehead weakly. If only she was fainted!

"No. Fit as a fiddle!" Leena smiled sweetly. She even took Belinda's hand and put it on her forehead to assure her that she was fine.

Daisy couldn't help giggling. The thought came to her that Leena would be the bane of Belinda.

"Daisy, do you have your gun? Just shoot me!" If Leena kept it up, it would only be a matter of time that Belinda married into the Leng clan. Belinda thought she might as well finish herself off before that day came.

"Alright, Leena. Quit making fun of Belinda. You're driving her crazy." Daisy had to smile and interrupted them before Belinda exploded. She took Leena away from Belinda immediately.

Belinda gave Daisy a grateful look. She really didn't know what to do with Leena. That girl was so whimsical, so unpredictable. Were she and that cool man really brother and sister? Belinda doubted it. They couldn't be more different.

"No, Daisy. I'm not making fun of her! I'm one hundred percent serious. Why don't you believe me?" Leena was depressed. It seemed that she had to work harder before Bel

o say no. He hung up and sped up towards the MY Mall.

Daisy was speechless. Couldn't he just hear her out? How could he just hang up on her as he had told her not to do that to him before?

"Daisy? What's wrong?" asked Belinda, noticing that Daisy didn't look well.

"Nothing. It's Edward. He's coming with Justin to pick me up." Daisy smiled, embarrassed. They had to call it a day.

"What? Justin's coming? Really? I'm so excited! I've never met him before! Should I prepare a present? What does he like?" Belinda's face lit up when she heard Justin's name. She was sputtering excitedly like a little girl waiting to open her Christmas gifts.

"Justin's coming here? Wow! Cute little boy! I wanna play with him!" Leena loved Justin. She especially liked the contrast between his chubby face and indifferent expressions.

Daisy didn't know what to say. Was her son simply a life-sized doll to Leena?

"Yeah. Edward's bringing him here." In the end, Justin would go shopping with them.

Daisy's phone buzzed again. She answered and heard Edward on the other end. His words came at her in a deep and anxious voice.

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