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   Chapter 104 My Brother Will Definitely Marry You

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Daisy pursed her lips. She fully understood what Belinda was trying to say. They had been friends for years!

"Sis, is that you?" Leena dashed in. She couldn't believe her eyes. As it turned out it really was Daisy.

"Hi, Leena. Are you here by yourself?" Daisy was surprised to meet Leena here. But she liked her because Leena always seemed cheerful and lively as if nothing in the world could upset her.

"No, I came here with a friend. But she left earlier because of some urgent work. I didn't expect to run into you here. Did you come here alone sis?" Leena held Daisy's arm fondly. It was clear that Leena also admired Daisy.

"Oh, I came here with Belinda." Daisy replied. She was looking forward to seeing how Belinda would react when she saw Leena.

"What? My sister-in-law is also here!" Wow! That's great. I will ask her when she'll be free and invite her to my house." Leena smiled snappily. It was a rare opportunity, and she knew she must seize it.

"To your house? Why?" Feeling confused, Daisy raised her eyebrows.

"To meet my father! The daughter-in-law must meet her prospective parents-in-law officially, don't you agree?." Just this morning Leena had mentioned Belinda to her father, and Duke didn't seem to have any issues with this. So that could be counted as an implied consent.

Daisy couldn't help laughing out when she heard Leena's words. It was the first time that she behaved so improper in front of people. It was all because Leena was extremely funny.

"Leena, are you sure Belinda is going to marry your brother? What did Duke say?" Daisy calmed herself and asked while looking at Leena who seemed quite excited now.

"Are you asking about Mr. Cold? What else can he say?" Leena wrinkled her beautiful nose and looked at Daisy with confusion in her eyes.

Fine! Daisy was speechless. Was Duke hoping to ask Belinda out? Or the whole thing was made up by Leena? Daisy wondered.

perfect match for Duke's cold demeanor.

She knew her brother wasn't cold and distant from the inside. He acted like this because he needed to protect her from being bullied by others. And gradually, he became as cold as ice in people's eyes.

She sympathized with her brother. Because their mother died early and their father had to take care of the business, her brother took up the responsibility of looking after her. But, in doing so, he forgot that he was also a child who needed care and love. So she felt guilty that her brother had become such a cold person.

"Emm... I am not sure if I have said that..." Daisy replied. She has received Belinda's angry stare. She didn't dare to say anything further to agitate Belinda who was like a wildcat and was about to flare up. She'd better play safe.

Belinda sighed with relief and gently smoothed her lovely curly hair. Then she raised her eyebrows at Leena, indicating her to release the grip on her arms. 'Oh, now she will give up.' Belinda thought.

But Lenna would not be herself if she behaved as Belinda had expected. What she said afterward made Belinda and Daisy's jaw drop.

"Sister-in-law, when are you free to meet my father?" Leena took her hands away from Belinda, but she was still gazing firmly at her.

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