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   Chapter 103 You Dared To Slap Me

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"Haha... Daisy, do you think you are important because you're the wife of the CEO of FX International Group? Look at you. Even a wage earner wears better clothes than you! Do you think Edward married you because he loves you? Absolutely not. Edward was forced by his parents; otherwise, you would be nobody to him."

Mary smiled with much pride. Why did Daisy get all the good things in the world? She was born in a good family; even when she left home, she was fortunate enough to get married to a nobleman. She didn't deserve it! Mary thought.

"Doesn't matter if he loves me or not, I'm his wife now. Other women can only dream about him and look at him from a distance." Daisy's face grew a little pale because Mary had struck a raw nerve. Edward was, in fact, reluctant about their marriage. His parents forced him, so he felt repulsive and angry with her.

"Really? It seems that you don't know! He had a child with another woman. Do you still think you will be his wife for good?" Mary said with a wicked expression. She enjoyed seeing Daisy's misery. She waited to see how Daisy would lose her feigned composure.

"Miss Mary, if you are saying such things to embarrass me, let me tell you, it's useless. I don't care about his matters. And I don't have time to care." Daisy sneered and said. If she was concerned about everything Edward did, it wouldn't be possible for her to remain so calm and composed and lead such a peaceful life.

"Daisy, it is because you are not worthy. Do you really think you deserve to have an excellent man like Edward in your life? He should be with a competent woman like me." Mary looked at Daisy in contempt. She despised her.

"So you think only you deserve to have an excellent man like Edward? Don't you feel shameless saying these things?" Belinda smiled lightly. She was surprised by Mary's brazenness. Last time when she met her, she had observed what was on Mary's mind. But still, she felt surprised that Mary dared to say it out loud.

"Belinda, don't think that I'll always stand silently and take your offensive words. I often wondered why you dislike me. As it turns out, it is because of this maid who was expelled from our family! Birds of a feather flock together, that applies to you two!" Daisy was indeed the family's maid. Mary remembered that Daisy was more humble than the maid in the family!

"Pa!", A distinct sound of a slap attracted everyone's attention. Mary covered her red cheek with her hand, shocked. It was painful. She glared at Daisy who had dared to smack her in the face. Her first reaction was to retaliate. She raised her hand and was about to slap back. But unexpectedly her wrist was held firmly by Daisy.

"Mary, do you think that I am still the weak girl who used to live at the mercy of you bullies? You'd better brush your teeth and clean your mouth before you come out of the house next time. Your foul mouth has polluted the atmosphere of this place. If I hear any rude remarks from you next time, I will show you what terrible things can befall on you when you dare to irritate me!

Daisy firmed her grasp on Mary's tender arm and then harshly flung it away. Her stern look and cold demeanor froze the air around her, daunting everyone from coming close to her.

Mary's face was pale. She rubbed the hand which was hurt by Daisy's firm grip. She felt terrified. 'When did this bitch become so terrifying. Look at her sullen face. I am sure that if need be, she will act on her words.' Mary thought.

There were no other customers in the store except for them. Otherwise, they would have attracted many spectators. The store assistants stared at Daisy, flabbergasted. They were wondering how such a graceful woman could have such strength and make everyone terrified.

"Daisy, you dared to slap me! Today, I will destroy you!" While saying it, Mary pounced on Daisy, angry and red-faced. She didn't expect that Daisy would slap her in public. It made her feel humiliated. She was determined to take revenge and turn the tide.

Daisy sneered. Mary was too sure of herself! Daisy slightly dodged, and Mary fell to the ground. She didn't expect that Daisy would evade her attack. She lay on the ground, feeling more embarrassed.

"Haha... Mary, what are you doing? Are you showing us a rendition? To explain to us how a dog eats shit? Oh! Don't you think it's disgusting?" Belinda laughed out. Mary was quite stupid. She dared to fight with Daisy. She was too naive.

Was she still considering that Daisy was the little girl who used to take all the insults? She was totally wrong! Daisy was a young and competent female colonel in S City now!

Mary bit her lips and pushed the shop assistant away who was trying to lift her up. She walked towards Daisy and Belinda with rage. Her arrogant and aggressive manner at the beginning faded away entirely.

"Daisy, don't be?proud?of?your?little?trick! Just wait, I will make you regret what you have done to humiliate me today! And you too, Belinda. You can laugh as loudly as you like now. But don't forget that I will make you cry one day." Mary said and took a cold glance at them. Then she turned around and walked out without trying any clothes in the store. She looked like a proud peacock.

"Huh! Who does she think she is? She's just a silly woman who has nice breast shape but no brain! I will wait and watch what she will do to us!" Belinda said and laughed. It seemed to her that Mary could not learn to control her temper. She was an aggressive woman who always liked to challenge others.

"Just forget it. She's not our concern. Let's continue to try the clothes. Don't let her spoil our good mood." Daisy said with a smile. She didn't want to be bothered by Mary. That would be asking for trouble herself.

"Yes. It's unnecessary to argue with such a shallow woman. By the way, did you find any clothes you like in the store?" Belinda asked while smiling softly at Daisy. She quickly forgot the unpleasant matter that occurred moments ago.

"I'm okay. You just pick some clothes for yourself." Daisy looked at the dress Belinda was wearing. It looked good on her. Daisy nodded with satisfaction. Speaking of clothes, she thought of her wardrobe which was full of designer clothes that Edward had bought for her. She already had too many clothes. Daisy thought.

"Why not? It's my treat. Get all the clothes you like here." Belinda said while tapping on her chest to show her generosity. But at the same time, she stuck out her tongue when she hurt her chest. She had used too much strength on herself.

"I don't need you to pay. I can pay for myself If I want to buy clothes. Huh! Do you think I can't afford these clothes?" Her salary was nothing compared to Belinda's wealth, but she certainly could afford to buy some clothes for herself. Daisy thought.

"I didn't say that you can't afford them. I just want to buy some clothes for you." Belinda said while making a face. Then she laughed and walked into the changing room.

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