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   Chapter 102 Your Despicable Acts Make You Invincible

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"Daisy, look, is this one OK? Ouch..."screamed Belinda. She was coming out of the fitting room in a hurry, and she accidentally bumped into a woman.

"Ouch... What the fuck! Are you blind?" cursed Mary. She took a few steps backward to regain balance and immediately blurted out offensive words without noticing who she was talking to.

Belinda didn't answer back because she knew it was her fault. However, when she recognized the woman, she couldn't suppress her rage anymore.

"Hey, look, who it is? It's Miss Ouyang! Thank you for your generous hospitality last time! I truly enjoyed the dinner. How about you pay the bills again today?" said Belinda in a defiant tone. She smiled and thought, 'I did have fun last time. I guess she must have maxed out her credit card!'

"Belinda, it's you. Are you fleeing from somewhere again?" asked Mary.

She frowned and her eyes sparked with anger. She wanted to settle the score with Belinda right away.

"You're wrong, Mary. You are the one who needs to flee. After all, you have tried to steal another woman's man." answered Belinda. She arrogantly looked at Mary and thought, 'Humph! You always act weak and innocent in Edward's presence. Now you are revealing your true character?'

"Who has tried to steal another woman's man? I don't know what you are talking about." denied Mary. Her face darkened when she heard the word 'steal' because that was in fact what she had been doing.

"You know the answer. I am not going to say her name." said Belinda. She gave?Mary a hostile stare. Humph! No one had ever been able to overcome her imposing manner.

"Belinda, I'm not afraid of you. Who cares if you are the CEO of the YS Group. I've got Ouyang Foreign Trade behind me, " said Mary arrogantly. She thought, 'Belinda said that I have tried to steal another woman's man. Did I steal her boyfriend? If I did, who was he?' She thought for a long time after that day, but she couldn't recall who Belinda was referring to.

"Ha, ha! You crack me up, Mary. How shameless you are to say you've got the Ouyang Foreign Trade behind you! Your last name may be Ouyang, but you are just a stepdaughter. In my eyes, you are nothing but a wicked woman who is stealing someone else's life." mocked Belinda.

She looked at Mary and thought, 'I don't like her. She is just a stepdaughter. But she considers herself to be the real daughter of the Ouyang's. Isn't she scared to assume the identity of another person...'

On hearing this, Mary gave Belinda a fierce glance. Her identity had been a wound to her. She thought, 'I hate that Daisy is born with a dignified identity. That is why I insulted her and forced her to leave home.

I hate it when people say I am of a humble origin, and this is why I have put so m

uch effort to blend in with the upper class all these years. When I finally believed I had blended in, Belinda gave me a whop on the head.'

"Belinda, you can't hurt me by saying these words. Anyway, my last name is Ouyang now." Said Mary. She had to clench her fists real tight to stop herself from punching her in the face.

"Your despicable acts make you invincible, Mary." said Belinda. She sneered and squinted at Mary.

"Bitch, did you just say I'm despicable?" said Mary. She got so furious at that moment that she almost slapped Belinda on her face. Right then her wrist was grasped by a slender hand and she couldn't move.

"Mary, after all these years, you are still so rude." A cold and indifferent voice rose from her side.

"It's you, Daisy." said Mary. She was surprised to see her here. 'I thought she had disappeared since her wedding day. Why is she here now?' wondered Mary.

"Yes, it's me. Are you scared of me?" asked Daisy. She let go of Mary and coldly looked at her panic stricken face.

"Well! Daisy, why would I be scared of you? You give yourself too much credit." answered Mary. 'Humph! She's the woman I saw earlier. Look at what she is wearing. I guess she's leading a mediocre life. I'm sure Edward no longer favors her. Otherwise, how can she, the CEO's wife of the FX International Group, dress so shabbily.' thought Mary.

"I have always thought highly of myself, and I look down on certain people." answered Daisy. 'If possible, I don't want to see or deal with anyone from Ouyang's family.' thought Daisy.

"Daisy, what makes you think you can contend with me? Look at yourself. Life must be tough for you after your parting with the Ouyang's Family!" said Mary.

Mary arrogantly lifted her chin and thought, 'What I hate most about her is her aloof demeanor. I have tried to act like her, but it doesn't resemble her at all. Years have passed but she still looks nobler and more refined than me.'

"The Ouyang's family? I'm so glad that I've escaped from that place. Mary, without me there, you must feel like a fish in water!" said Daisy. 'Well! Family? It wasn't my family anymore after my mother died.' thought Daisy.

"What are you implying, Daisy? Do you think you were disowned because of me?"asked Mary. 'I did complain about her in the presence of Leo. But it was my mother who decided to cast her out. Not me.' thought Mary.

"Miss Ouyang, I don't want to play blame games. Bygones are bygones. Anyway, I have nothing to do with the Ouyang's now. So, please remember, I don't want to be linked with you again. Because the very thought makes me sick." said Daisy ruthlessly. She thought, 'When I stepped out of the family that year, I told myself that from now on, I'm just an orphan without parents.'

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