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   Chapter 101 There Are Only Lazy Mistresses

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"How does Edward truly feel about you? Is he with you because of Justin, or is it because he has fallen for you?" At that moment, Belinda vividly remembered the woman who made an intimate call to Edward. Could that be Daisy? Belinda recalled his affection for Daisy yesterday and figured that it was quite likely.

"I'm not sure. He said he would try to love me, and I just dropped all my defenses and jumped into his seductive trap without looking back." Daisy closed her eyes, thinking that at least Edward was sincere to her now. She decided to give him a chance despite the uncertainty. She decided to work for it no matter what the outcome. Perhaps by that time, she would finally lose all hope!

"I suppose he's serious! In the past few months, I haven't once read about any of his scandals. Is it possible that you are the woman who made the CEO of FX International reject all the other girls?"

Belinda paid attention to the papers. Stories about Edward's secret son had been quite the scoop, but nothing came of it because none of the involved parties gave a reaction to the rumor. Belinda didn't know it was Justin, so she always thought the stories involved another woman.

"I don't think they meant me! I've only been with him for the past few days. I sent Justin to his place and went straight to drills a while ago." Daisy was a bit concerned, worrying that he might have another woman he loved profoundly.

"Really? Then who else could it be?" The memory of the phone call again surfaced in Belinda's brain. She was doubtful, too.

"Nevermind, stop thinking about it. Let's go! Didn't you say we will go shopping? My time is in your hands today." Daisy didn't want to question the sincerity of Edward's claims. She would rather trust him than speculate infidelity.

"Yes, you should offer me some advice. Speaking of, recently I have been f

't a hint of any emotions. She carefully examined the racks, discreetly making choices for Belinda.

A woman wearing heavy makeup walked in, her high-heel shoes knocking loudly on the floor. Her stunning curves frivolously glorified her beautiful body, drawing the attention of many bystanders.

"Miss Ouyang, you're here. The new collection you wanted a few days ago has arrived. Do you want to try it on?" The name 'Miss Ouyang' gave Daisy a brief pause in her search for clothes, but she didn't react and continued searching.

"Sure, bring it out!" Mary Ouyang arrogantly raised her head, glancing at Daisy. Mary acted with an expression of contempt and bewilderment, thinking how could a woman dressed like that can afford the clothes here. And the woman seemed so focused.

Since Daisy's back was towards Mary, Mary had no way of knowing that this was the very same Daisy whom she had arduously tried to banish from her family. Mary thought that the woman was just a nobody.

"Miss Ouyang, here is your garment." The clerk attentively handed the garment to Mary who was as wealthy as it got. Common people could not think of crossing her.

"Yes!" Mary gave Daisy another disparaging look and walked towards the changing room.

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