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   Chapter 99 Don't Mess With A Colonel

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5057

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"Edward Mu, are you trying to distract me?" Daisy glared at him as she remembered why she screamed at the first place.

"Damn it. My full name. Really?" Edward didn't like it when she called him by his full name. It made him feel like a chastised child.

"So you've changed your name?" Daisy looked at Edward with a questioning glance, not realizing why he was pissed off.

"Don't push it. Or do you want a repeat of what happened last night?" Edward's eyes narrowed dangerously as he stared at Daisy. Since when was she able to drive him mad so easily?

Daisy closed her eyes and tried to recall how many things she agreed to last night. She blushed when certain scenes ran in her mind. 'He set me up again.'

"Well. You didn't say that I need to call you husband every day." Daisy wasn't willing to compromise. He only asked her to say it once. It's his fault he didn't make the rules clear.

"Good. It's time for me to replay what happened last night and make the rules clear this time." Edward moved to grab Daisy but she was not there. In a flash, she was by the door and out of his reach.

"Don't come near me. I will pound you if you come any closer." Daisy threatened him, hoping that would be enough. She knew that if she were caught by him, she wouldn't be able to go out for a whole day.

Edward was stunned for a second, but he recovered quickly. 'She wants to play with me' he thought. 'I haven't exercised for a while. Bring it, woman!'

He tried to conceal his anticipation. "You star

layers of darkness to reach his heart. She wanted to see if he was telling the truth.

Daisy touched his handsome face, gently brushed his heavy black knife-shaped eyebrows, his straight nose, and stopped when she reached his attractive thin lips.

He saw the deep affection in her eyes again. He was confused by her gentle touch. He didn't know whether her love was for him or someone else.

Just as Edward wondered why Daisy stopped, she kissed him. When he tried to wrest control of the exchange, she withdrew coldly. It was a power play, and she would win.

"Edward, I will always be your loyal wife, until you say otherwise." She looked at him firmly.

Edward was stunned for a while after hearing her promise, then he bowed his head and kissed her until both of them were out of breath.

"Thank you. My wife. I'll remember what you said. And I want to tell you I have your back. I'll support you, always and forever." Edward touched her forehead gently and made his first commitment ever.

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