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   Chapter 98 This Is Acceptable

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5220

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"Edward... my... baby..." Daisy surrendered, wondering whether he was on some sort of a drug, or else what could have made him last that long.

"This is acceptable." The night was still unveiling its intoxicating charm. Edward held her tightly in his arms with a smile. He parted the hair falling on her face and gave her a long kiss on the forehead before he was satisfied and then he went to sleep.

The light of the dawn uncovered the veils of night. The bright morning light that pouring out of the clouds marked the fresh beginning of a day.

The early morning sunshine that brought people tranquility penetrated through the curtains and scattered on the two sleeping figures lying on the fancy bed. The air inevitably flowed with a strong aura of lust, which showed how passionate they had been last night.

The tranquility of this beautiful morning was broken by a ringing sound, Edward frowned and opened his sleepy eyes. He was annoyed with the person who had disturbed his dreams so early in the morning.

Edward carefully withdrew the arm that held by Daisy and reached out his hand to grab the mobile phone that was making this annoying noise. He then slid it open and answered the call without noticing where the call was coming from. He did not expect to hear an outraged and active voice first thing in the morning.

"Daisy, quickly get out of your bed! Are you going to stand me up again? Belinda called Daisy while she was still in her bed.

"Miss Belinda, you enjoy calling your friends early in the morning to wake them up, don't you

loud scream came out of the bathroom and woke him up.

"What happened my love?" Edward hurried towards the bathroom naked.

"Go and get dressed first!" Daisy shouted furiously. Daisy couldn't stand his cavalier persona anymore, for instance, pacing around the room 'naked'.

"You should use the magic word 'please' more often." Edward ignored her complaints about the dress code but corrected her on her choice of words.

"I am not a saint." Daisy deliberately ignored the fact that he wasn't wearing any clothes. She admitted that her way of talking could be improved.

"Well. It is hard for me to imagine that such an elegant beauty like you can be so rude at times." Edward picked up a bath towel from the cabinet and wrapped himself with it.

"Do you regret that you married me? Daisy turned around and gave him a spiteful look.

"No, I love everything about you." Edward looked at her with a wicked smile. He loved to be surprised by her every day. This was making her more alive and real while not being too indifferent.

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