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   Chapter 96 Take A Shower First, And Then Go To Bed

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5940

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"Mom, please, just take your darling to bed! Don't let him stand here this late."

Belinda was relieved when she finally saw her mother, Sherry. Everyone knew that her father loved her mother very much and Belinda's mother doted on her profusely, which was why she was so wayward.

"Hey little girl, don't annoy your father, or I won't ever take your side. By the way, who was that boy tonight? Your boyfriend? How about asking him to have dinner with us next time? Why don't you introduce him to us? That way, your father wouldn't try to set you up on blind dates all day long." Sherry pretended to be angry and poked Belinda's head with her finger, but her voice was very tender. Sherry was middle-aged, but she was still very attractive.

"My lovely mother, it's late. I want to sleep now. I don't want to wake up with dark circles tomorrow morning." Belinda grabbed Sherry's arm like a little kid and kissed her. Sherry smelt the booze on her breath.

" Oh my! How much wine did you have?" Sherry pushed Belinda away in disgust, and thought, how come the older she gets, the more bothersome she becomes?

"Not much. I didn't get drunk. Daisy was the one who got drunk. I got her drunk on purpose." Belinda hiccuped. She was mad at Daisy because Daisy was dishonest with her. That's why Belinda deliberately got Daisy drunk. She knew Daisy couldn't drink too much, but her husband was also there. Didn't they realize that alcohol can be an aphrodisiac? She was trying to help them, and let them have a chance to get laid!

"What? Are you still in touch with Daisy? How's she doing now? We haven't seen her for the longest time. How about asking her to have dinner with us next time?" Sherry felt sorry, thinking about Daisy. No one could imagine that Daisy, a girl wh

drinking until he was totally drunk, trying to comfort himself with alcohol.

Edward wanted to find out if Daisy loved him or not, but he didn't know how to say that out loud. He was afraid to hear the answer, so he forced himself not to think about it.

Edward ruffled his short-hair, trying to quit thinking about all this. He turned off the tap and wrapped a bath towel around his waist. Then, he walked to the bathtub and poured water into it.

By the time Edward got back, Daisy was sound asleep, with no sign of waking up any time soon.

"Babe, wake up, let's take a shower before you go to bed." Edward gently held her up and smoothed her messy long-hair.

"No... I want to sleep. I... I feel so dizzy!" Daisy murmured. Her cold voice turned soft now.

"No, take a shower first, and then go to bed." Edward insisted, and held her up again.

"But I don't want to move" After Edward's long and persistent efforts, Daisy finally woke up a little bit but she wasn't sober because she had too much to drink tonight. Her soft body leaned on his bare chest. Smelling a familiar fragrance of jasmine, Daisy took a deep breath and held a comfortable position in his arms.

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