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   Chapter 95 Is Mrs. Mu Drunk Again

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6278

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The enjoyable evening passed quickly. When they stepped out of Sexy World, it was already past midnight. Thanks to extra drinks with Belinda and her friends, Daisy was seriously drunk. She was now leaning on Edward's arms, and the alcohol painted a pink hue on her cold face.

Leena was not a good drinker, but she only had a little, so at most she was tipsy. She held Belinda's arm tightly, determined to take her home as her real sister-in-law.

"Miss Shangguan, can you still drive?" Since Daisy was drunk, Edward thought he should take care of her wife's good friend. After all, Belinda had drunk quite a bit as well.

"I'm fine. I'll get a cab home." Belinda was not someone eager to prove herself. She would not fool around with her own life and others' safety when she had consumed alcohol.

"Rain, you take Leena home." As Duke spoke, he pulled Leena away from Belinda and pushed her towards Rain.

"Why am I taking her? You're not going back?" Rain was confused, 'Where the hell was he going?'

"Let's go! Let me take you home." Duke didn't answer Rain. Instead, he took Belinda's hand and walked to his own car.

"Duke, really, I can get a cab on my own. You don't need to take me home." Belinda wanted to pull back her hand, but she realized that Duke was holding it tightly, leaving her with no chance of getting away.

"Shut up, I said I am going to take you home, so I'm going to do just that. What are you so afraid of?" He forcefully opened the passenger side door of the car and pushed Belinda in. Duke felt that he had been acting weirdly enough tonight, and that he was too impatient to listen to her.

"Tsk! What should I be afraid of? I'll let you drive. You don't bite, anyway." Belinda coldly muttered. Someone had volunteered to be her chauffeur for free, so there was no point in making a fuss about it.

"If you aren't afraid, then just

, somehow, she managed to piss off the other party every time.

"What do you mean by what happened? Nothing happened! No earthquakes, no tsunamis. Your wife is still safe and sound asleep at home. What could have happened?" But Belinda knew something was wrong, 'That arrogant man has surely ratted on me to my dad. This is just so miserable! What time was it now? And father was still up, waiting for me! What's the point of all this?'

"Belinda Shangguan, stop with the nonsense. Tell me, in details, where did this boyfriend of yours come from?" Zachary suddenly shouted, his face stern and uncompromising. How could he not know how good this girl was at deflecting questions? But he wouldn't let her succeed tonight. She had to confess.

"Dad, you have slept too much. Who has a boyfriend? Don't tell me mom has a man behind your back." Belinda smiled obsequiously, but her words were aggravating enough to make the dead spin in their graves.

"You brat, now cracking jokes at the expense of your own mother! If some people were to walk in now, they might even believe it!" Sherry Ai was drawn in by their argument. She looked drowsy and one could tell that she was indeed asleep, but her sleep might not be as sound as Belinda had claimed.

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