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   Chapter 94 Old Lady

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Daisy had not expected this whimsical action at all. She was so embarrassed that she buried her face in his chest. She thought that there was no way for her to show her face in public again. She didn't have to look to know that people around them were all staring at her. Her reputation was again ruined by Edward Mu.

Belinda looked at Daisy curiously, thinking, 'She finally got what she worked so hard for. From the way that Edward had treated her, did it mean her 12-year-long one-sided obsession for him was finally going to be requited?' If that was the case, Belinda would be so happy for Daisy, because she knew how difficult Daisy's life was, and she was the only one who knew how persistent and dedicated Daisy's love was.

"Edward, you're so amazing! You're my idol!" Leena started to rile up the crowd. She liked assertive men.

"Girl, you trying to fall in love or what?" Rain asked her humorously, thinking that if this was enough to make someone her idol, then she would have gone crazy if she had seen how Mr. Mu flirted with other women in public.

"What? How old do you think I am? Why can't I fall in love?" The truth was, not only had she fallen in love, but she also had an one night stand with someone after some drinks. But could she just say that aloud? Certainly not, unless she had a death wish.

"You fell for somebody?" Duke furrowed his brows and asked Leena seriously. How on earth did he forget that this young lady over here has already reached the age for love and romance? But when he thought about some other man in her life, a bitterness arose in his heart.

"No, brother, I was just joking." Leena tried to change the subject. As for someone she fell for... There could be one! How about the handsome foreign boy? And because of an exciting moment with him, she had lost her most precious virginity.

"Leena, do you want me to introduce you to some fine young men?" Edward knew that Daisy was still feeling too embarrassed at the moment, so he just let her lean on his chest. He then started teasing Leena.

"Edward, in this day and age, who starts a relationship with such blind dates? You're so out of sync. Now it's all about chance encounters." Leena scoffed at the idea, but someone else present in the box felt a bit uneasy. Belinda had just gotten out of a blind date, so did this mean that she too was completely out of sync?

"I feel you should ask your sister-in-law about this. She knows all about it." Rain smiled and raised his eyebrows at Belinda.

"Why ask me?" Right after saying that, Belinda wanted to punch her own stupid mouth. Rain only mentioned some big sister without naming anyone. Why would she fall for it? Belinda blamed Leena for all of this. That little girl called her sister-in-law all day long, which had distracted her.

Duke lightly shook the wine glass and looked at Belinda through the corner of his eyes. A faint smile appeared on his cold face. 'It seems that even the smartest person can be rattled by Leena's insistent pestering.'

"Who else are we going to ask? Weren't you just on a blind date?" Ha! He had gotten one back for being bullied by her the last time. Finally, Belinda was all confused today, so she wasn't able to defend herself with her usual eloquence.

"What makes you think I was on a blind date? Who made the rule that a meeting with a gentleman is automatically a blind date? You're

with so many women every day. Does that mean those were all blind dates?" Hm! Although they had tried to exploit her momentary lapse, Belinda had held her ground perfectly.

"So, Belinda... Are you sure you're not Duke's girlfriend?" When Daisy heard Belinda's retort, she stopped playing the ostrich and pulled her head out of Edward's embrace, apprehensively asking Belinda this question.

"Who told you that I'm the girlfriend of that iceberg? I'm not in so much heat that I need some ice for relief. Why would I be going after him? He's not the kind of guy I am interested in." Belinda clicked her tongue and looked disgusted. She didn't expect her words would attract a chilling pair of eyes.

"I'm not the kind of guy you're interested in? Then who was it that first leaned into my arms just a while back? Miss Shangguan, don't tell me you've already forgotten!" His creepy tone was filled with viciousness like that of the devil. The voice pierced through Belinda's eardrums, making her instinctively shiver.

"Um... That was just an accident! Don't harp on it. I was just throwing that out there." Deep down, Belinda whined to herself, 'Hm... Daisy, I was so good to you, yet you purposefully dug a hole for me to sink into! Don't you know that when the iceberg gets angry, he's even scarier than your own husband! Otherwise, I wouldn't have run away so quickly last time.'

Daisy looked at Edward, bewildered. Didn't he just say that Belinda was Duke's girlfriend? Then why did things seem so wrong now?

Edward was thinking of something else, so he didn't see Daisy's inquisitive expression. He wanted to clarify the rules to Daisy. First of all, she needed to change the way how she addressed people. She shouldn't address Duke in such an intimate way. Moreover, she should call Edward "darling".

Duke did not answer Belinda. He simply lay on the couch, still exuding a chilly persona. 'I'm not your kind of guy? Let's see if that's true. You started this game, and once it's begun, there's no stopping it.'

"Duke, actually you two seem connected in some way! Weren't you two hugging each other so tightly outside this bar last time? Only today, it happened indoors." Rain joked about the two apparent enemies. It was likely that they could actually get together!

"What? You're saying that old lady from last time was her?" Duke couldn't stay calm any longer. He hadn't forgotten how that woman had given him a vicious slap, or how she had nastily called him a pervert. Now he realized that that woman was actually Belinda. 'Okay, calling me a perv, huh? One day, I'll live up to that name with her. Otherwise, I won't be worthy of that "title" she has bestowed on me.'

"Who is the old lady you were referring to? Me? Or your sister? Have you ever met an old lady who looked as pretty and charming as me?" Belinda got angry, as well, 'Shit! I have the body and the looks. What makes me an old lady?'

"Sister-in-law, I'm not an old lady either." Leena answered feebly, wondering why she had been dragged into this. Why did Belinda call her out?

"Uh..." Belinda couldn't come up with an answer. She didn't mean that. What was more horrifying was that Leena was sitting right next to her!

"Cough, " now it was Rain's turn to spit out his wine! What a funny family! And they sure were a family! It appeared that things were indeed getting even more interesting!

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