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   Chapter 93 Don't Call Me Sister-in-law

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Duke returned from his reverie and looked in the direction Rain was staring. He saw Edward's gloomy look, and was quite puzzled by what was happening.

"My dear sister-in-law, I am Leena. So tell me how did you meet my big brother." Leena hadn't forgotten about her interrogation and continued to ask Belinda questions. Whether Belinda was Duke's girlfriend or not, she felt she had to help him get her. Then Duke would be too busy dating his girlfriend to lecture her.

Hah! It appeared that Leena was looking out for Duke, but the truth was that she was thinking about her own interests. What a foxy girl Leena was.

"Well... Leena. I am not your brother's girlfriend, just an ordinary acquaintance. You can call me Belinda. But please don't call me sister-in-law ever again, okay?" Belinda knew now what was digging her own grave felt like. Gosh. She was literally living the consequences of her little white lie. And nobody had let her explain her side of the story.

"Okay, my sister-in-law. Can I hang out with you later?" Leena said and gave a flattering smile. Saying okay was one thing, but actually doing so was another. Now she just needed to spend more time with Belinda.

Belinda was speechless after hearing Leena's words. Belinda became so upset that she huddled on the couch. 'Well, Leena had said okay and promised never to call her sister-in-law, but then she just did it again. No one should promise not to do something but then do it anyway. And why hadn't Icy Duke explained the situation to his sister Leena? There is nothing going on between us.' Belinda protested deep down.

Rain now saw through Leena. She had turned out to be a match-maker for Duke. But really, Be

at Edward defiantly, without caring about the racket she had created. What the hell! How dare he suddenly become angry at her and, more importantly, drink so much alcohol.

She did not vent her anger easily, but that also did not mean that she had no temper. She was usually hard on others. For him, the man she loved so much, she always made concessions. But it didn't mean that she would tolerate him for creating trouble for no reason. Edward should feel lucky that he was not her soldier, or she would have imposed severe punishment on him.

Edward was astonished by Daisy's actions. He squinted and looked directly into her eyes, his face putting on an evil smile, his fingers rhythmically tapping the table.

Just when everyone thought he would be angry, he smiled and pulled her into his arms. Without the slightest care for what others would think, he passionately kissed Daisy. Then he released his big hands that were holding her.

Edward's kiss did not surprise Duke and Rain, for they knew that he had never cared about etiquette. He always did things as he pleased. The opinions of others meant nothing to him.

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