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   Chapter 92 This Is My Future Sister-in-law

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"First, let's just go inside the box." Edward didn't like the way other men were looking at Daisy. So he pulled Daisy back in his arms, disregarding Belinda's plaintive look. Well, Daisy was his wife. Of course, he should be the one holding her. He had loaned Daisy to Belinda just because of carelessness.

Belinda didn't notice Edward's action until he grabbed Daisy back. Her eyes widened in surprise. She couldn't believe that Edward was together with Daisy. How had she not heard of it? Edward had addressed another woman intimately just several days ago. Maybe he was playing the dangerous game of two-timing?

"Miss Belinda, wait." The man, after being invisible all this while, finally found his chance to chip in.

"What's the matter?" Belinda had almost forgotten about the man. She frowned and asked with a voice laced with boredom.

"Do you really have a boyfriend?" The man asked diffidently, because the men besides Belinda were all so above-average and handsome.

"Of course. I don't need to find a fake boyfriend. Right? Duke." Then she nudged Duke, who was standing close to her, and kept winking at him. Well, she was faking it, but so what? There was no law against getting a fake boyfriend.

Then Duke saw a live example of blatantly lying through one's teeth. That was exactly what Belinda was doing. It turned out that she was just using him as an excuse to get out of a date. He threw a cold look at the man. Then, without a word, he grabbed Belinda's hand, turned around and walked away, giving the man no chance to ask any more questions.

Belinda didn't see this coming, so the moment Duke grabbed her hand, she was a bit at loss. That was the first time she had interlocked her fingers with a man's. Till she felt the warmth from his p

y thought in her mind, 'It's just a misunderstanding. Leena shouldn't overthink it." If she continues to ask and fantasize about it, she could even get Belinda pregnant in her mind.'

"Leena, come here and sit with me." Daisy didn't know what was going on between Belinda and Duke. But since Belinda needed her help, she would give her a hand. Besides, she may not know much about Leena, but she was aware of how curious Leena could be. She would ask Belinda even more intrusive questions if she was allowed to continue.

"Belinda, my sister-in-law. Let's go and sit with Daisy." Then, without waiting for her consent, she dragged Belinda over to where Daisy was.

Rain was the last to come inside. He glanced around and found the atmosphere to be quite strange. Edward wore a gloomy and dark expression, sullenly sipping the wine alone. He seemed angry. He exuded coldness.

On the other hand, Icy Duke wore a poker face as always. But the three women seemed quite harmonious together. It seemed they hadn't noticed the weird atmosphere there.

Confused, he walked to Duke, sat down, nudged him and gestured towards Edward, asking silently what the matter was with him.

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