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   Chapter 91 Honey, You Are Finally Here

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Belinda really wanted to pour her glass of wine on the egocentric man sitting in front of her. Honestly, she would have already left if the man were not the son of her father's friend. But the truth was that she was trapped here and condemned to listen to him ramble on.

"Well, in my view, women should just stay home and tend their husbands and children, instead of working outside like some women do. Do you agree, Miss Belinda?" The arrogant man continued his monologue, spittle flying out from his mouth.

"Um.. Maybe." Belinda answered mechanically as if she had done this a thousand times before. How miserable her life was!

She was actually thinking, 'Fuck you. We are not primitive people. Fuck the idea of women doing only house chores, never any real work. If I were home-bound, how could I be on a blind date here with you?'

But instead of voicing her thoughts, she could only echo the man's words because her father had warned that if Belinda ruined another blind date, he would marry her off next month to any random man.

She rolled her eyes helplessly. Was she really that old now? Why was her father always worried about her marriage? In fact, she had enough number of men pursuing her. She had to stop listening to the man's bullshit about male superiority.

"Miss Belinda, I will help you run the company after we get married. You don't need to worry about that." The man continued, completely ignoring Belinda's cold response.

'What the hell! I will be worried if the company is in your hands. It turns out all you are interested in is my company.' Belinda complained to herself. She should show the man her true colors. She was not a submissive woman.

"I don't think I am your type. You want a meek wife cum housekeeper. But I am not interested in house chores. You sh


Edward looked at his now-vacant hands and was totally confused. What was going on? Did Belinda have a penchant for hugging people? One moment she was calling Duke honey and embracing him tightly, and the next moment she was hugging and kissing Daisy.

By now, Leena was staring intently at Duke, her big brother. Wow, since when did Mr. Cold have such a hot girlfriend? How come she had never heard of it? It seemed that she would soon have a sister-in-law.

Duke still wore a cold look and glared at Leena. He knew what Leena was thinking about. But even he himself did not know what was going on. Only God knew why Belinda suddenly jumped into his arms.

Rain stroked his chin contemplatively. He believed something was going on between Duke and Belinda. But when did they hook up together? Why did he hear nothing about it? It was so rare to hear gossip about Duke. Maybe he could earn some bonus by selling the news to the media.

Edward looked at the two women hugging each other. Finally, he understood why Belinda always gave him a hard time... she was Daisy's bestie. No wonder she always had harsh words for him every time they talked. It turned out she was defending Daisy.

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