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   Chapter 90 You're Such A Rogue

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Daisy was completely speechless about Edward's question. She didn't expect Edward would be so shameless.

"Haha! Edward, handsome is not the right word for you. You are actually very beautiful!" Leena laughed with the joke. She didn't care about Edward's angry look directed at her. She knew that Edward hated to hear others refer to him as beautiful. But Leena completely ignored him. She wasn't at all afraid.

Edward really couldn't do anything to Leena in response to this. There would only be the Leena who dared to test his breaking point. If this were someone else who had dared to say the same thing, they would be doomed!

"Leena, you're right this time. Edward is a gorgeous beauty." Rain was finally satisfied. Leena had helped him exact revenge on Edward. He had felt aggrieved when everyone called him sissy. He had company now.

"A gorgeous beauty? It seems that someone has some nerve!" Edward said this with an evil smile. His voice was very cold. He squinted at Rain, with eyes as sharp as an eagle's. That sharp look sent a shiver down to Rain's spine. 'Oh! Why? It was Leena who started this! Why am I always the one to be blamed?' Rain bitterly thought.

"Haha! I'm joking! I think Mr. Duke is more beautiful. Look at his handsome appearance, perfect figure and cool... demeanor..." Rain faltered when he received a cold look from Duke. He fell silent. 'Oh my God! I had forgotten that Duke was even more frightening than Edward! I have made a fool of myself again.' Rain thought.

"Continue. Why have you stopped?" Duke gazed at Rain haughtily. There was no other expression on his handsome face apart from coldness. Rain has really become bolder like Edward had said. He had dared ruffle Duke's feathers.

"I'm done with words." Rain replied with a downcast look. He couldn't afford to offend anyone present here. He looked around. He felt that he was the only one destined to be bu

e rest went to the Sexy World.

At night, the Sexy World lived up to its name. It was sexy and fascinating. As Daisy rarely came to such places, she was not used to the dim light inside. She extended her hand to Edward and followed him. They walked inside.

"Hay. Edward, look at that girl." As soon as they walked in, Rain raised his eyebrow at Edward. It was so good to meet this girl again. He wondered if she would hang out with them later. He was eager to see how Daisy would react if that happened.

Edward followed Rain's gaze and looked. He pursed his lips when he saw the girl who was wearing a sexy dress. He wondered why he would meet her here. But he was in no mood to quarrel with her today.

As Daisy was behind Edward, she didn't see the girl. She looked around this place which was full of luxury and decadence everywhere, with couples who were intimately holding each other She frowned and glanced furtively at Edward. She guessed that Edward was quite used to this voluptuous life.

When Duke saw that sexy girl, he also pursed his lips. Why have they run into her again? He wondered. Were they being stalked by her?

"Who?" Leena was very curious about the girl Rain had mentioned. She looked around but didn't know which girl they referred to.

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