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   Chapter 89 You Are Too Thin

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"Oh! You're Justin!" Hi! You're really sweet. Why don't you call me sister?" Leena said while taking the opportunity to kiss his cheeks. He was such a handsome boy. Another Edward when he grew up!

Leena's words made Rain laugh. He said, "Leena, you're too old to be his sister! Do you still consider yourself young? If it had been the olden times, you would have already mothered a bunch of children!"

Leena stared at Rain but chose to ignore him. She knew how much he enjoyed making fun of her. She had become immune to his mockery. Her focus was on Justin now. He was such a lovely boy!

Justin moved Leena's hands from his face; he looked at Edward helplessly. He desperately hoped that Edward would save him from Leena's warm welcome. He regretted that he had drawn this on himself! He was tasting his own bitter fruit now. He didn't expect that Leena would be so obsessed with him.

Edward chose to ignore Justin's signal. He held Daisy's hand and helped her sit down, leaving Justin in Leena's hands. 'Poor Justin. Hope he realizes that it's unwise to reveal oneself to anyone without understanding that person's true character. It is a good lesson for him. It's one of the biggest mistakes that one can make, especially in the business world. As my son, if he can't manage the mess that he caused himself, he's probably unfit to take over my business in the future.' Edward thought.

"Justin, let's sit down. You can sit next to me!" Leena asked, she had finally found someone she could play with. She felt that she made the right decision to come back. Many exciting things had transpired since she had been back. Edward suddenly got married and had a son too. It seemed there would be more fun in coming days!

"Eh! Well... Miss Leena. Sorry, But I'd rather sit next to Mr. Rain. I need to discuss something with him."

'Oh my God! She seemed obstinate! Her cunning looks are scary! Seems like she's plotting an attack on someone. I wonder who is her prey. Sitting next to her would mean walking right into her trap.' Justin thought.

"Hey, Justin, what do you want to discu


"Daisy, what happened?" Rain asked. He observed Edward's sinister smile and Daisy's crimsoned face. He felt that they were a suspicious couple. He wondered what Edward had said to Daisy to prompt such a reaction.

"Oh! Nothing. The chopsticks just slipped." Daisy replied. She was really embarrassed. She felt that now her image had been ruined for good. She didn't expect Edward to say something like this to her suddenly. He was such a crude man. He was flirting with her with so many people present. Although his voice was low, Daisy was really mad about this!

"Mom, your face is red. Are you feeling hot?" Justin asked Daisy with concern.

"Yes! Sis, are you all right?" Leena noticed Daisy's odd behavior and asked curiously.


Daisy was very embarrassed. It was all because of Edward. She stared bitterly at Edward. But Edward felt at ease, and it seemed that he was not going to help her out.

"Why are you looking at me? Is it because you suddenly realize your husband is looking very handsome today?" Everybody felt sick to hear his words. The man was too self-absorbed!

Duke didn't say anything. He had been watching Edward all this time. He wanted to find out whether Edward was serious about this relationship. It surprised him that the proud Mr. Edward would be considerate enough to serve food for Daisy. And his gaze upon her was filled with intense love.

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