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   Chapter 88 Dare You Touch Her

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The scorching sun was setting down, and the sky looked beautiful with the soft evening glow. The whole city looked gorgeous in the bright glow of the sun. Daisy looked at herself in the mirror, a little depressed. 'Why is that every dress which Edward chooses for me is so grand and exorbitant? Why couldn't I find any regular clothes in the wardrobe? Daisy wondered.

Usually, Daisy wore uniforms. She had a few informal suits, but they're all too casual if she wore them to go to someplace fancy. But the place Edward would bring her to must be some opulent restaurant or hotel, so she planned to wear the dress Edward had laid out for her.

The dress she planned to wear tonight looked good on her. The chiffon fabric was very light. It billowed with the wind, adding a touch of softness and gentleness to her calm personality. The frill sleeves softened her firm demeanor, making her look more attractive with femininity.

Edward continually turned around to look at Daisy when they were in the car. He smiled gently, making his thin lips look sexier.

"Dad, what are you looking at?" Justin had noticed his father's unusual movement, he raised his head and asked Edward doubtfully.

"I'm looking at you!" Edward didn't feel embarrassed when his son caught him. His broad smile looked more attractive now.

While Daisy was in a state of bewilderment, she was not naive. Edward's intentions were too obvious when he frequently turned around and gazed at them. The reason why she ignored his gaze was that she didn't want to make everyone feel embarrassed. But Justin's innocent question made her blush.

"Oh! I got it! Dad, you're looking at mom!" Justin teased Edward and exclaimed as if he had found a new lease of life. He rolled his eyes slyly and made fun of Edward.

"Justin, that's nonsense." Daisy pulled a long face. She didn't expect Justin to say this out. She became more bewildered. She looked around with her bright eyes and didn't know where to look.

"Justin, you're my clever son! Don't you think that your mom is looking gorgeous today!" Edward didn't have the slightest feeling of embarrassment. He acknowledged it forthrightly.

Justin looked at Daisy earnestly and nodded in agreement, "Yes! My mom is looking lovely today."

It was rare for Justin to see Daisy dress up like this. He got used to seeing Daisy's usual appearance in uniforms. He felt she also looked good in such a soft and tender style.

This time, Daisy finally noticed that the Edward and Justin were mimicking each other. The father and the son were doing it on purpose in front of her.

Rain chose a classy restaurant. As Edward was about to introduce Daisy and Justin to his friends, he arrived earlier than he did on such occasions. He was always the latecomer! He was always the most important person to come last after everyone had arrived!

When he pushed the door open, everyone in the room focused their attention on the couple. Edward was charming with a grand demeanor, and Daisy was beautiful and graceful, they were a perfect match. Rain was the first one to come out from the state of trance. He stood up and walked towards Daisy with a warm smile.

"Dear Daisy, nice to meet you. We have been looking forward to seeing you for the longest time. We used to joke that you might have been locked up in the house by someone." While saying this, Rain extended his han

d to shake hands with Daisy. But before he could hold Daisy's tender hand, he heard Edward saying, "Dare you touch her!" Edward did not pat his hand, but his stern voice shocked Rain. Rain felt frightened and took his hand back. 'Shit! When did Edward become so jealous? I was just about to shake hands with her! Is it required to be so wary?' Rain complained in his heart.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting." Daisy looked at Edward in embarrassment. Then she turned to Rain and apologized.

"Hello, sister-in-law, I'm Duke Leng. Nice to meet you again." Duke stood up and walked towards them to introduce himself. As Edward was the oldest among them, they all took him as their elder brother.

"Hi, I'm Daisy Ouyang. Have we met each other before?" Daisy felt strange when she heard Duke say "nice to meet you again." She didn't remember meeting him before. She turned around to look at Edward, flabbergasted.

Edward smiled and whispered something in her ear. Daisy's face instantly blushed after she heard Edward's explanation. She regretted that she had behaved so strangely, that night in the bar.

"And me, Sis, I'm Leena." Finally, her turn came. She didn't expect that Miss Daisy would be so beautiful and graceful. As a matter of fact, she was more interested in the attractive boy standing between them.

"Uh... Leena, nice to meet you." Daisy replied in embarrassment. She wanted to dig a hole and bury herself right at this moment. She felt humiliated, thinking about the fuss she had made yesterday. Thank goodness Leena didn't know what had happened yesterday. Otherwise, Daisy would have had no courage to stand here and face her.

"Leena, you should call her sister-in-law." Edward poked on her forehead in a loving manner and reminded her seriously.

"Ouch! That hurt. Edward, why did you poke my head? I don't want to call her sister-in-law. I think 'sis" sounds more friendly." She always had the longing for a sister. Now this dream finally came true. Leena smiled happily and extended her hand to hold Daisy's arm. She seemed very determined.

Daisy was accustomed to being alone and indifferent. She was overwhelmed by Leena's warm hospitality.

"Okay, suit yourself." Daisy smiled and said. She quite like Leena's quality of being frank and upright. It seemed that she was the apple of the eye of her family, like a princess under proper security.

Thinking of princesses, Daisy got lost in her thoughts. She remembered that once she was also the apple of the eye of her parents. But an incident stripped her off all the love she had enjoyed and her longing for a bright future. All of a sudden she had fallen from heaven to hell.

When she was Leena's age, she was already living on her own, managing different critical tasks, while Leena was lucky enough to maintain her innocence and stay unaffected by worldly affairs.

"Okay!" Thank you, Sis. Now tell me who is this cute boy?" Leena noticed Justin who was standing beside Daisy. She asked while pinching Justin's handsome face, something she simply couldn't resist.

"Hello, Miss. I'm Justin Mu." Justin volunteered to introduce himself to Leena before Daisy could answer. He felt ignored by everyone present. Their gaze was focused on Daisy. Finally, there was a beautiful lady who had asked about him, and he felt very excited. He seized the opportunity to leave a good impression on them.

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