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   Chapter 87 Honey, What Are You Doing

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Today, Edward was delighted because of the wonderful time he had spent with Daisy yesterday night. He couldn't help smiling the whole morning, thinking about last night.

"Aaron, our CEO seems very happy today. Look, he is constantly smiling in the office. Do you have any clue what's making him so happy? Did something special happen yesterday night?" Rain elbowed Aaron who was sitting beside him and whispered to him.

Aaron turned his head and stared at Rain in contempt. 'If you want to know the answer, why don't you ask for yourself? 'How could I know what the CEO did yesterday night? I don't live with him. Besides, I'm not a Peeping Tom who likes to poke his nose into other people's private lives.' Aaron thought.

Aaron's stare embarrassed Rain, and he touched his handsome nose in regret. 'I am being despised by Aaron yet again. But Edward is acting very suspicious. I have never seen him in such a good mood as today, especially during a meeting. He even ignored the blunders made by the planning department! He is always in an aggressive and daunting mood just like a tiger. It's unusual that he is acting as easygoing as a cat today.' Rain thought.

'Mr. Rain, please let us know about your proposal for the C Financial Group." Asked Edward. Edward noticed that Rain was prying into his private affairs during the meeting. He could make out from Rain's dubious expression that he was lost in his thoughts.

Rain felt flustered! He suddenly remembered the saying "what goes around comes around". It applied to him now. And he knew his boss wouldn't let it pass. He realized that he has already earned his punishment for his blabbering.

Rain shot an intrusive look to Edward and reluctantly opened the report in front of him. He began to discuss the plan. He immediately conceded that Edward was still a tiger in the disguise of a cat. He considered himself stupid. He had fooled himself into believing that Edward would not catch his words. Other colleagues in the meeting were wise to keep silent. Only he was dumb enough to bring up this sensitive topic. No wonder that Aaron overlooked him moments ago.

Edward was still smiling coolly, in a playful way. He ignored Rain's

ling. She replied while placing the phone between her ear and shoulder. She was still gazing at the screen of the computer, her hands continually tapping the keyboard.

"Honey, what are you doing?" asked Edward. He was standing by the window, overlooking the hustle and bustle on the street. As he in the high-rise building, the cars and people on the road seemed like little dots to him.

"Um! I am writing a report. What's up?" Daisy didn't expect that Edward would call her. She was a little surprised. She paused and lifted her hands from the keyboard to hold the phone.

"Well, Rain suggested that we hang out together tonight, and he wants you to come. What do you say?" asked Edward. He could imagine that she must be feeling confused because he knew that she didn't like the idea of so many people buzzing with excitement.

"How many people are coming?" Daisy frowned and asked. Just as Edward had expected, she was a little annoyed.

"Not too many, just some intimate friends." Edward didn't tell him that Leena would also join in, he feared that she would feel abashed.

"Okay, you decide. I'm fine either way." Since she had decided that she would become a good wife, she thought that it was necessary for her to fit into his life and his social circle.

"Okay! I will pick you up after work." Edward said with a gentle smile. He wondered how she would react when she met Leena there. It would be interesting to see what would happen tonight!

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