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   Chapter 86 Who Am I Supposed To Be

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Leena found the constant nagging by his brother very annoying. He had been lecturing her all night, and Leena still had a chafed feeling in her ears as she recalled. She wondered why his behavior was so different from his appearance. No wonder he was single for all these years. No one could bear his constant nagging.

Leena sighed, everyone believed she had great potential as she was studying fashion designing in Paris. But her brother Mr. Cold always saw her as a naive little girl. She looked down at her bosom proudly. Maybe she was not in shape for a D-cup, but she was at least a B.

Leena quietly opened the door and looked outside. When she saw the bodyguard standing at the door with a poker face, she rolled her eyes and felt speechless about her brother's actions. Imprisonment was for convicts, and she is his sister. Why would he do this?

Leena complained about the inappropriate time her father had chosen to visit his colleagues. Because that left no ally to help her out.

Leena helplessly threw herself into the queen-sized bed while scouring through her bag. She was lucky that he did not confiscate her phone as she couldn't imagine how bored she would be without it.

Leena picked up the piece of paper that came out with her phone. She wondered where the paper came from, as she saw what was written on it, she jumped out of panic. How could she forget about Kevin? She would be doomed if Mr. Cold saw this note.

However, Leena calmed down soon. She decided to ignore what Kevin had written in the note. He wanted to be responsible for Leena, but this thought never crossed her mind. She scratched her hair and began to regret what had happened. It was stupid of her to have a one-night-stand with a stranger.

Just a

However, he had responsibilities and a duty to fulfill his family's wishes.

"No thanks. This topic is not fitting for me. I don't need any further consideration. Please ignore my call. Bye!" Leena quickly hung up the phone. And she wasn't happy with the outcome. It wasn't as enjoyable as she had thought! Leena could not imagine what punishment she would receive from Mr. Cold if she married a stranger.

"Hello... Are you there?..." Kevin shook his head while he heard Leena hang up the phone so quickly. She must have freaked out by his proposal. He wanted an end to his obsession with Daisy so that he won't care about Daisy's whereabouts anymore.

Leena tried to calm down after she hung up the phone. She thought the joke had gone a bit too far, whether he was serious or not. But she was surprised that he would agree to such a ludicrous request. Love, at first sight, was unreal. She didn't believe in it.

Kevin fiddled with his phone and wondered why she behaved like this. He thought that the phone call was to force him into marriage, and he didn't mind to have her as his bride. However, he didn't expect that she would be the one to freak out.

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