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   Chapter 85 Till Death Do Us Apart

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4577

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Daisy found Justin asleep when she walked in. She sat beside the bed, looking at Justin with a loving smile on her face.

She had always thought that her little boy had never asked about his dad because it didn't matter to him. But when she saw how excited, and eager Justin got to spend time with Edward tonight, she realized how wrong she had been.

She realized that Justin had always wanted his dad. But he hid his desire for a father deep inside his heart to avoid letting her down. Being so considerate at such a young age truly moved Daisy. Justin was the only and most precious gift that God had sent to her.

Daisy extended her hand to stroke his peacefully sleeping face. Her heart filled with a flood of emotions. She was glad to have Justin's company in the lonely life she had been leading for many years.

Daisy bent down to kiss his forehead. She adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner before leaving the room. As she quietly closed the door, she ran into a pair of dark deep-set eyes.

Daisy felt disconcerted for a second, and she quickly turned away to avoid the enquiring eyes.

Edward was shocked to see her ignoring him and bypassing him like he didn't even exist. He found her growingly unpredictable. Was she playing hard-to-get with him again?

The truth is, Daisy wasn't as aloof as she appeared. She ignored him only because

me speechless.

Edward kissed her gently on the lips and slowly perfected her unique beauty.

Daisy didn't expect the sudden kiss as she was still shocked by his words. She came back to her senses when his hand swiftly sneaked into her clothes.

"Edward… No…" Daisy held back his hand that had lit a fire in her body. She was panting and begging him to stop. They were still in the study, what if someone opened the door.

"Fine." Edward picked her up without warning and hurried to their bedroom. He knew she's shy, so he respected her request.

When the bedroom door closed, the hot kisses fell on her body like rain. Daisy found it hard to embrace his neck as she was savoring the waves of passion he brought.

The moonlight outside the window was flushed by the heat of their room, and it secretly hid behind the dark clouds. The passion in the room went on as if only death could do them apart.

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