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   Chapter 84 Are You Worrying About Me

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"Give me a moment. I'll just be back..." Daisy got out of the car without finishing the sentence and trotted towards the bakery down the street.

Edward wondered where she was headed, as it was quite possible that she would run away from him.

Daisy began to select some cakes and beverages, after she confirmed that she could pay the bill by card. She picked out several pieces of mousse cakes, a cup of coffee and a carton of milk. When Daisy reached back at the car, loaded with the supplies, she beckoned Edward to open the front door.

Edward glanced at her with a strange look. He was genuinely surprised that she had not run away.

"Here, take this. And now, I will drive." Daisy ordered him while stuffing all the things she had bought, and his wallet, in his hands.

"What are you doing?" Edward frowned, reluctantly taking the stuff while getting out of the driving seat.

"I've brought you food, I am sure that you have not had dinner yet." replied Daisy raising her perfect eyebrows.

Edward flashed his trademark grin and innocently asked, "My love, are you worrying about me? And how did you know that I had not had my dinner yet?" ...

"If you had had your dinner, you wouldn't be so angry." Daisy complained while getting in the car. She reckoned that Edward had immediately rushed to the military district while still talking to Justin on the phone. And then he had waited there for three hours, during which he had not eaten anything as there was nothing there to eat.

Edward looked at her shopping and was surprised to see the cakes. He selected one and took a dainty little bite. Although he was not a big fan of matcha mousse cakes, he found that he could tolerate this one.

"Do you like it? Justin loves this flavor, so I thought you'd find it


"Your young master is on his way. Please prepare some food for him." Daisy knew that Edward had eaten only a small piece of cake and a cup of coffee, without touching the milk.

"Yes, Mrs. Mu. I will immediately go and get some food." The stewardess was pleased that Daisy cared about Mr. Mu.

"I'm glad that you were running that fast to get me food." Edward said as he entered the villa. He felt good knowing that Daisy was concerned about him.

"Hardly. I just don't want you to get mad at me again!" Daisy retorted. She would never admit that she cared about him.

"You are lying. When did I get angry with you?" Avoiding direct conflicts with him and being gentle were the best ways to calm him down. Edward was satisfied with her actions. He took her into his arms.

She squirmed and got out of his arms. Why did Edward like hugs so much! He did not mind the maids watching their intimate interactions but she did!

"I need to check whether Justin has slept or not." she said quickly running to the stairs.

Edward followed her steps and headed to his room to take a shower. It was the first thing he needed to do whenever he got back home, to keep his mind sane.

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