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   Chapter 83 Why Don't You Believe Me

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Edward intentionally neglected her. He didn't give her a chance to speak either. During the drive home, he always looked tough and cold, like a messenger from Hell.

"So... Can you pull over?" Daisy said weakly. She needed time to gather her strength. The oppressive atmosphere was keeping her from the normally stoic composure that fitted her rank as a colonel.

Edward finally turned to look at her, but his cold eyes only made her squirm even more. All of a sudden, her nose felt stuffy. She bit her lip and tore at the corner of her mouth. If she weren't worried about her reputation in the military, she wouldn't be in his car right now.

"Something's up." While Daisy already gave up hope on getting his attention, she heard a few words quietly drift past her ears. The car slowly pulled over.

"Give me some money." Daisy reached out her fair hand in front of Edward as if he was supposed to offer something. In fact, she felt terribly embarrassed that she brought Justin to the store without even taking her wallet along. Now things were awkward.

Edward pulled out his wallet in confusion and passed it to her. Why did she suddenly start asking him for money? 'Quite unusual, ' Edward thought. 'She's not trying to calm me down, she's asking for cash.' It was a good way to change the topic, he admitted to himself.

Daisy opened the wallet. 'This guy has so many cards, but there are no bills.' It seemed that he always paid with cards. Things like cash were inconsequential to him.

"Um... You don't have any money!" Daisy said reluctantly. She furrowed her brows, hoping that the shops would take the cards.

"Woman -- are you speaking to me? When have I ever been broke? Any one of the cards here can buy you an

t go of me. You were the one who broke our rules. I told you to stay away from other women in the first place, but you held her in your arms for such a long time." Daisy shook off his hands, looking exasperated. 'He's not the only one with a temper! I have a temper, too!'

Edward was taken aback, but instead of feeling angry, he was somehow amused. He stroked her lips, pursed in anger.

"So you were jealous? Edward smiled temptingly, casting amorous glances at Daisy.

"Humph! I wasn't jealous at all. I just didn't want to interrupt you -- you were so intimate with each other." 'Yes, she was jealous. But she would never reveal it to him.'

"Oh dear! You're so cute. She's only my friend's sister. Not even worth your jealousy." Edward teasingly patted her on the head. Her jealousy only proved that she still cared about him.

"Um..." Daisy was quite speechless. Why did he always embarrass her?

"Cat got your tongue? Why aren't you saying anything?" His anger gone, he began tapping the steering wheel rhythmically with his slim fingers.

Daisy rolled her eyes: Yes, the cat has my tongue. 'A big, amorous cat in a rut, ' she thought.

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