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   Chapter 82 So You're Planning On Running

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No. You had no idea that I was hanging out here waiting, worrying while you were out with this guy; that I was full of regrets, while you ignored everything I've done for you.

The smile on Edward's face was cold, but also flirtatious and breathtaking, like a blossoming mandragora. Daisy was too enchanted by Edward's smile to remember to respond, sitting there and gazing at him through the car window. It was Justin who opened the door, then got out of the car and threw his tiny body into Edward's arms.

"Daddy. Why are you here?" Asked Justin, with his arms around Edward's neck and his cheek against Edward's enchanting face. He was so pleased to see Edward that he had totally forgotten everything Edward did to make his mom angry.

"Um! Where have you been?" Asked Edward, with his eyes fixed on Daisy to see how long she would stay in the car.

"We met Uncle Kevin in the street and had dinner with him." Justin said with a bright smile. He had no idea anything awkward had happened.

"How are you? Mr. Edward. We meet again." Kevin got out of the car and gave Edward a gentle handshake, his handsome face showing no signs of sadness.

"Yes! What a coincidence! It seems you have plenty of time. I feel very guilty to bother you to take care of my wife every time." Edward said and looked at Kevin with cold smile on his face. Every word he said to Kevin was full of sarcasm.

"You're joking. Not even worth mentioning. I can't take any credit for it." Kevin said with an easy smile and held Edward's gaze. He didn't intend to back down, but didn't care about the confrontation, either.

"Your modesty is unnecessary. You make me feel unappreciative." Edward is the Smiling Tiger of the City. How could anyone get the upper hand in a war of words?

"Daddy. What are you talking about?" Justin asked, innocent of what was going on between the two men.

"Um! Nothing. Daddy was saying thanks to your uncle Kevin. I should thank him for buying you dinner and bringing you home." Edward said with a sparkling smile, which even dazzled Kevin.

Luke's poker face twitched as he heard this. He was trying to decide whether Edward was thanking Kevin or putting him down.

"Daisy! Are you going to sit in there forever?" Edward asked. His pretty face shifted to cool and grave. At that moment, Edward was as domineering as a king. Daisy could smell the power in the air and trembled as she saw Edward's fierce eyes. She opened the door, but she still stood far away. Daisy said to herself: 'It's so terrifying when Edward gets mad.'

Kevin didn't expect this and looked at Daisy with concern. Daisy had pulled herself t


"Kevin. You can go in first! I need a word with Edward. Thanks for your help tonight." Daisy said calmly and nodded to Kevin. Luke was impressed by this, because Daisy was the first one who had the guts to ignore Edward's anger.

"Ok. Let me know if you need anything." Kevin nodded back to Daisy and then turned to Edward, saying "Till we meet again."

"Goodbye. Kevin. We shall never meet again." Hello! Edward! What in the world? Couldn't you act like a gentleman? You just ruined your image.

Kevin was shocked for a moment. He eventually chuckled and drove away. He knew Edward was leery of him because of his attraction to Daisy. But he had done nothing to her, so Edward's goading fell flat. Kevin still had his pride.

Edward winked at Luke as a sign to take Justin away. In another life, Edward and Kevin could have been friends. Edward even admired some things about the man. But however admirable Kevin was, Edward still had to protect his wife.

Luke took Justin in his arms and got him in his car. He totally understood what Edward meant, so he just drove away. This was all he could do for Edward. Daisy was Edward's battle.

Daisy watched Luke's every move, but when she was about to say something, Luke's car had vanished from her sight, which meant she had lost her last bargaining chip.

"Get in the car." Edward opened the door for Daisy with a gloomy face, glaring at her.

"Uh… You have Justin! I need to go back to the base to deal with some things."

Daisy always got flustered when dealing with Edward. She wanted to slap herself. He was in the wrong, but she still behaved like the obedient little wife.

"Do you want me to carry you to the car? Huh?" Edward said, his teeth clenched, face twisted into an evil glare.

Daisy was speechless. She looked at the gate of the military base and looked at Edward. She measured the distance between the two, and calculated her chances of escape.

"So you're planning on running?" Edward stopped her with his cold words and fierce glare, making Daisy shuffle towards him. Was he a mind reader? How could he know what she was thinking?

Edward slammed the door after she got in the car. He started it without a word then sped to the city.

Daisy stole a glance at Edward's beautiful face and then looked away quickly. She had no idea why Edward was so mad. Could she stay with this guy and still enjoy a sweet moment?

She didn't think she could do that, so she decided they needed some space. She knew that she couldn't demand anything that didn't belong to her. So why didn't she just let it go? She didn't have the answers herself.

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