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   Chapter 81 It's Daddy And Uncle Luke

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"We're headed for the base. We were about to call Mark, have him meet us here. But we saw you first." Evidently, Kevin was surprised at seeing them there. Daisy lowered her head to avoid his gaze.

"No need to call Mark. We can take my car back." Kevin was curious why she was reporting for duty before the end of her holiday. Wasn't her husband the CEO of FX International Group? Why didn't her husband send a car for her to go back to the base in?

"Major Kevin, are you busy now? I don't want to impose." Daisy had a thought: this might interfere with his duties.

"Nothing important or urgent. I was just hanging out when I saw you." Kevin was out of sorts. He didn't like the distance between them, or her coldness.

"Ok. Thank you." Daisy, as aloof as she was, could feel that something was wrong. She felt the tension when Kevin looked at her. She thought it was better if she brushed him off and was only cordial to him.

Kevin was about to say something and thought better of it. He closed his eyes briefly. Then, he picked up Justin in his arms and headed for his car. He looked like a man defeated.

"Have you eaten?" Kevin said before he pulled away from the curb. He turned his head and could see that Daisy and Justin looked dispirited.

"No, and Uncle Kevin, Mommy said we could eat after we got back on base." Justin answered before Daisy could say anything. Sometimes his bluntness surprised and embarrassed her.

Kevin looked at his watch. He frown

o he couldn't keep his emotions in check. Although he was angry at Edward a moment ago, Edward was still Daddy.

Kevin turned his head and looked at Daisy. What really happened between her and Edward? She mostly sat in silence, picked at her food. He couldn't stop thinking about her.

Edward stared at the car heading for the base intently, like a cheetah stalking his prey, ready to pounce. He frowned when he saw the driver's face. Why was he here?

Kevin pulled up near Edward's car, turned his head and looked at Daisy. She only had eyes for Edward. Kevin decided to live with his heartbreak, and not pursue her any further. The best man had won.

Edward was a bit surprised when he saw those two familiar figures in the backseat. He gave a sardonic smile. 'Daisy, do you have any idea how long I've been waiting for you? Do you know how worried I am? Do you know how anxious and scared I am?' Even if she did, Edward thought, he would let Daisy know exactly how he felt.

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