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   Chapter 80 It's Not What You Think

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5401

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Daisy Ouyang had shut her emotions down and become cold again. She was used to it. For years she was in love with a man who would never love her back. His affair meant nothing to her. She would just carry on quietly as she always had. She would paint a picture of him when she missed him so much she couldn't sleep, and bury herself in training during the day so she wouldn't miss him then. She would endure.

"Where are we going, mommy?" Justin looked at Daisy, suddenly worried.

"Oh! Sorry, Justin, mommy was thinking about something. Are you hungry?" Daisy sighed. Her hair was a little messy in the wind. She combed it with her fingers and looked around, only to find that there wasn't a restaurant among the stores nearby.

"No, I'm not hungry. What about you, mommy?" Justin asked. He felt bad for his mom.

"Me neither. Let's go back to the base! Mommy will cook some noodles for you." Daisy said and tried to take her phone out of her pocket, only to find that she was wearing a dress with no pockets. She had left the phone in Edward's car, and had no money on her now.

"I need to borrow your phone, Justin. Let's call Uncle Mark. He'll come and drive us back." Daisy chastised herself. 'That was careless, Daisy. You keep doing stupid things.'

"Okay, mommy." His phone started ringing loudly as he reached into his bag. Justin took it out and saw it was Edward. He looked at Daisy, not knowing what to do.

"What? Who is it?" Daisy looked at him, wondering why he didn't answer it.

"It's daddy. Mommy, do you want me to answer it?" Justin asked haltingly. He stared at Daisy, waiting for he

em while driving. He pulled up to say hello.

"Uncle Kevin, I miss you so much!" Justin jumped into Kevin's arms as soon as he saw the man. He looked relieved, thinking Kevin would help them.

"What do you need, Justin?" Kevin knew what Justin was like. He didn't think the boy would have said that for nothing.

"What are you doing here, Mr. Kevin?" Daisy asked, looking at him. Kevin had been acting weird recently. She was afraid that he would say something she didn't understand.

"Nothing really. I was just out for a drive and here you are. Where are you headed? Maybe I can give you a lift?" In fact, Kevin just came back from the bar where he had slept with Leena Leng last night. He had left in a hurry this morning before she woke up, so he went back to see her as soon as his work was finished. As an officer, he felt that he should be responsible and do something for what he had done to her. But when he reached the bar, he found that the girl had gone. It looked like she wanted nothing from him, which didn't make him feel any better about his behavior.

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