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   Chapter 79 When Did You Get Married

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Daisy saw Edward and that woman locked in an embrace, and immediately lost her composure. She turned around so she wouldn't see them. Her cold face became even paler, if that were possible.

She deliberated whether she should stick around. She took a deep breath and sighed. 'You've outdone yourself this time, Daisy.' she thought. 'You're dreaming! This noble and handsome man can't be true to you.' Daisy said to herself, to her heart.

"Mommy, what's up?" Justin followed Daisy out of the car. He looked at Daisy's pale face, followed her gaze, and then knew why she was pale. Tears formed in his eyes. He thought, 'Mr. Edward, you hurt my mom again. I was stupid to trust you.'

"Nothing. Let's go." Daisy replied. She held his tender little hand and left without hesitation. Her hair and dress flowed behind her, billowing with the speed of her steps. She was done. There was nothing left here for her to hold on to.

Edward was totally unaware of what Daisy was doing. He called Duke. Leena freed herself, standing between him and the car.

"Duke, it's all good. Leena's with me. You'll see her soon." Edward looked at Leena. She leaned towards him and laughed. He felt helpless.

"What? You found her? Where is she? I'll be right there!" Duke couldn't stand waiting any longer. He was very angry and eager to teach a lesson to Leena, the little runaway.

"Nah Duke. We're getting fed. I'll give you the address of the restaurant. You can meet us there." Edward read off the address and then immediately hung up before Duke could object.

"Was Mr. Cold very a

kay. Leena. Change of plans, sorry. Your brother can pick you up here." Edward regained his calmness. He knew he should be able to clear this up with Daisy if he didn't lose his head.

He dialed up Luke. "Hello, Luke. I found Leena. Find Miss Daisy and Justin. Tell Aaron too." Edward finally regained his shrewd business acumen.

"Okay, Mr. Edward. But isn't Miss Daisy with you now? What happened?" Luke was a little confused. He wondered why Daisy would suddenly disappear.

"Well... It's difficult to explain. Just do as I ask." Edward's eyes flashed, he felt a little embarrassed. So he would be blamed for Daisy's disappearance.

"Gotcha. Will do." Luke was helpless. He couldn't think of any other place Daisy could go besides the military base. He could go there and wait for her.

Edward was in no mood to ask Luke about it. He called Duke and requested he pick up Leena. He was eager to go home to see whether Daisy and Justin were already there. Or so he hoped. He wasn't sure what to do if they weren't.

This was not his day.

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