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   Chapter 78 I Might Have Stumbled Into A Time Machine

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5124

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Leena Leng stroked her flat belly. She'd been wandering all day without the slightest intention of going home. She snuck back here without telling anyone. But now her big brother might have figured it out. Well, screw it. She was not ready to face his anger yet.

All of this was because of that bloody foreigner. Indeed, he was handsome. He was wealthy. He was a romantic Frenchman. But she was also pretty. She was also born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was no worse than the Frenchman.

She kicked the little garden along the road. And stubbed her toes! Of all the rotten luck! The first day she came back, she slept with a man whose face she hardly remembered. She only knew that the man had eyes full of sorrow. That's why she was drawn to him. She was sad and lovelorn too.

She sat down on the bench beside the road, wondering whether she was really lovelorn. Did she love the Frenchman? If she loved him, why did her heart not race when holding his hands? Besides, she said "no" to him several times, when he pressured her for sex. Her conservatism drove him away.

But she was heartbroken the moment they broke up. After all, the French man was the first big boy type she fell in love with. He was bright, handsome and, most of all, romantic like any Frenchman. That's what captivated her.

Leena shook her head. She knew it was too late to think about it again. But why was having sex the only way to show love? Her rejection was the reason he left. He said what he wanted was no platonic love, but sex. Oh,

e up, I was here. Edward, I might have stumbled into a time machine. Leena acted mysterious, then pressed close to Edward and plunged into his arms. Meanwhile, she burst into laughter.

"That's so you. You are still so mischievous. That's the lamest excuse!" Edward knew Leena was very eloquent. She could always conjure up various excuses.

Daisy's face went pale. At first, she was just curious why Edward parked the car aside and ran out without saying anything. As a soldier, she sensed something had happened, so she followed Edward out of the car. When she saw him running to that pretty girl...

She could tell that girl meant a lot to him. Anyone could see that he looked at this girl with caring and loving eyes. Daisy stood there quietly and watched least until that girl fell into Edward's arms.

She kept consoling herself that the hug was just a signal of friendship. It represented nothing else. She told herself again and again, 'Daisy, you should trust Edward. He will keep his promise.'

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