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   Chapter 77 Can I Help

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5557

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"Szechuan cuisine? It's not my favorite, but I don't hate it either. Why did you bring it up? Do you want Szechuan?" Edward turned round, and gazed at Daisy. He was surprised. Why would a woman like her enjoy spicy foods? How many hidden layers did she have? Oh, she was almost like a book. The more he read, the more he was intrigued by the plot.

"Just teasing. The weather is so hot now. The Szechuan cuisine fits winter." Daisy preferred spicy food, but she had to consider what was best for Justin.

"You naughty girl." Edward chuckled when he heard the answer. He rubbed the tip of her nose, and gazed meaningfully into her eyes.

Edward always liked to rub the tip of her nose. Daisy wasn't sure she liked that. While it could be an innocent sign of affection, she felt that he treated her like a little girl.

Suddenly, Edward's phone rang, playing a popular love song. Before answering, he helped Daisy fix her hair, which was blown wild by the wind. Without missing a beat, he took out his phone.

"Yes? What's up, Duke?" Edward frowned when he saw Duke on the caller ID. Duke didn't come to him for help often, and when he did it was something big.

"Edward, have you heard from Leena recently?" Duke's sounded anxious.

"No. Isn't she in Paris? What happened?" Edward was puzzled. Was she in trouble? Or had she caused any?

"She's not in Paris. I haven't heard from her since yesterday. I called her hotel, but she had checked out. And she's not home yet. I thought she might be in contact with you somehow..." Duke's heart was torn. No one but his little sister could do this to him.

"Calm down, man. I'll get my men right on it. If w

nd Miss Leng soon." Luke had worked for Edward for many years. He knew Leena was important to Duke and Edward.

Edward nodded, and turned to Daisy. She was looking at him too, with a worried expression on her face.

"Let's go. You must be hungry." When he took her hand, he frowned at the cold touch. Why was she so cold in hot weather? He hoped it was not because of indifference.

"Aren't you busy? I can take Justin to lunch, so you can deal with this." Although Daisy was not sure exactly what was going on, she could sense that he was about worried for someone important to him. She had served in the army for many years, and had learnt to observe other people's subtle moods. She knew when something was urgent.

"No, nothing to worry about. Luke can handle it. And if there's an emergency, he can call me. Besides, you've never asked me out to dinner before. How can I let you down?" Edward never allowed accidents to wreak havoc on his plans. What was more, he had people doing the digging. He didn't need to lift a finger, and rarely got involved himself. That's what other people were for.

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