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   Chapter 76 Honey, What Would You Like to Eat

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The spectacular sunset was always followed by the twilight just around the corner.

Holding hands with Daisy and Justin, Edward walked out of his office. Everyone was just getting off work, and they stopped and stared. They didn't dare come any closer than that.

Daisy was used to attention, conducting meetings in the military. But with Edward it was a different story. Their gaze made her nervous, but she didn't know why.

Feeling her hand tense up, Edward turned to look at her and found her pretty face as calm as usual in spite of her sweating hand. She took pride in her stoicism as a soldier.

Edward nodded to the employees who greeted him. He walked out FX International Group confidently, leaving his co-workers to talk and gossip.

"Daddy, can we have Western food tonight?" Justin looked at his father, waiting for an answer. Out of all the meals they could have chosen, Western food was the most romantic.

But it reminded Edward of what Belinda had ordered at noon. He lost his appetite immediately. Who would eat Western food all day?

"Honey, what would you like for dinner?" Edward used the term "honey" naturally, like he'd called her that millions of times. He hadn't.

Hearing the word, Daisy became uneasy again. Their eyes met. Her moist lips moved a little, but nothing came out of her mouth. Looking into his bright eyes, she had forgotten everything but love.

"What is it? Are you OK?" Edward asked. Noticing that something was wrong, he was worried an

't. Please don't be it. It will kill me. Mom won't do that to me. I'm her son.'

"I'm not thinking of anything." Daisy acted innocent. Justin had always been afraid to eat Szechuan dishes. The sight of a hot pepper scared him every time, not to mention the taste. However, they were his mom's favorite. She loved the spicy taste lingering on the tip of her tongue, which released all the tension in her body and mind.

"Daddy, you don't like them, either." Justin thought it wise to have an ally in this. He would soon find out he was the odd man out. Oh, my Goodness!

"What are you two talking about? just tell me." Edward was clueless. He had no idea what they were talking about.

"The hottest Szechuan dishes. Daddy, you don't like them either, do you?" Justin had placed his last wager on his father. But he lost, as Edward didn't mind spicy food. He knew his mother loved Edward very much, and that she would defer to him. But Justin didn't know the odds always favored the house.

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