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   Chapter 75 Will You Really Like Mommy

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"Uncle Rain, have you decided yet?" Justin wouldn't let go. He kept holding Rain Xia's hand.

When Edward heard this, he was struck speechless. This little fellow was basically selling his wife to another man. It seemed the kid had grown ballsy. In the past, Edward didn't care what other women did, mainly because he didn't care for them. But Daisy was not one of those women. Daisy was someone he wanted to fall in love with.

Wow! There was no point in fighting it anymore. Edward has already fallen in love.

"Um... Hey, Justin! I've come to a decision. Your mommy and Mr. Mu are in love. We're done talking." Rain thought, 'Little boy! Stop pulling my leg! I already got slapped for just trying to be friendly to your mom. What do you think would happen if I said anything about liking her?'

"Uncle Rain, have you really made up your mind? This is your last chance! My mom is really really beautiful!" Little Justin gave Rain a look of pity as if Rain had made some terrible decision.

"Justin Mu! You're itching for a beating, aren't you? Or were the fifty push-ups too easy for you? Wanna make it a hundred?" Daisy said, harshly. Daisy finally realized what was going on. Her own son was trying to persuade another guy to romance her. She thought that she looked good enough. Why would her son go around selling her?

Edward's handsome face darkened. When he heard Daisy's words, he finally relaxed a little. When he was at the hospital, he thought that Justin was just joking around, so he didn't really care. Who knew he was serious? Now that he thought about it, it seemed he was really determined to find a guy for Daisy.

"Uhhhh... Mom, are y

Edward was a little lost because of Justin's abrupt kiss. This was the first time the kid ever acted so affectionately. Usually, he would either be pulling pranks, or simply play it cool, like he didn't care.

Daisy was a little uneasy, since Rain was still in the room. She scanned the room, but she couldn't find Rain anymore. She gasped, and thought, 'When did he leave? Why didn't I know?'

Edward knew who she was looking for. But Rain was not dumb. He didn't want to be in the middle of this, so he bailed on them while they were distracted.

Justin wriggled out of Edward's embrace and ran to Daisy, laughing. He took her hands and put them to his face. "Mommy, you're not angry with me anymore, right?"

"As long as you listen to me, I won't be angry at you. Remember, kids shouldn't get involved in grown up business." Daisy said seriously. That was non-negotiable.

"Yes! I understand, mommy. I'll listen in the future."

'The cute kid gets the candy, ' to paraphrase a well-known saying. Justin played the role well. That was how he was able to hide his cunning from Daisy for so long.

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