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   Chapter 74 Hey, You Forgot to Breathe Again

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5575

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"Honey, it's really you!" Edward quickly walked up to Daisy. Grinning from ear to ear, he stretched out his hand to scoop her into his arms and kissed her on the lips.

Anna could not hide her surprise at Edward using the endearment "honey". She silently closed the door and left the duo with a gentle smile playing on her lips.

"Oh…" Daisy lost her head and once again forgot to breathe. With her hands around Edward's neck, her whole body became soft and weak.

"Hey, you forgot to breathe again." Edward let go of her and propped his forehead against her forehead, smiling playfully.

"Are you still busy? Did I bother you?" asked Daisy shyly. Such an intimate touch made her nervous.

"No. What brings you here? Were you missing me?" Edward took a step back and lovingly looked at her blushing face. He found that this woman always blushed.

"Well, Justin wanted to eat out, so… eh, we came to pick you up from work." Daisy unconsciously stammered as she was still not used to such close proximity with Edward.

"Oh? What does he want to eat this time?" Edward knew his son well. Justin was interested in trying different kinds of food and wouldn't yield to the temptation of tasty food.

"Does he always ask to eat out?" Daisy frowned as she felt embarrassed for her son. Justin was not fussy about his food and ate whatever she cooked. And as they lived in the army, they rarely ate out.

"It's understandable. Children like new things, right?" Edward sat down on the sofa, and made Daisy sit in his lap, his hands resting on her waist. With his chin on her shoulder, his warm breath caressed her sexy neck.

Daisy tried to wriggle free from his

mmonplace women, loved her so dearly.

Rain excitedly stretched out his hand, wanting to shake hands with Daisy. But Edward smartly smacked his hand away. "Come on. I just wanted to shake hands with Daisy. This is very mean of you, Edward, " complained Rain. However, from his behavior, Rain realized that this woman was very special for Edward.

Daisy, embarrassed, looked at Rain apologetically. She hadn't expected Edward to suddenly stop him from shaking hands with her. As a female officer, she often shook hands with others, which was necessary social etiquette to express her friendliness.

Rain looked at the big red welt on the back of his hand and glared at Edward, but Edward didn't apologize or look at him.

'Damn! He actually hit me hard. How cruel is he? Here is this beautiful lady, totally different from the woman in heavy makeup and garish clothes, that I had seen in the club the other day. And I just wanted to shake her hand, ' Rain thought to himself. 'However, one thing is clear. The sophisticated makeup techniques used today can both beautify a person or make them look ugly.'

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